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As Great Britain does not have a written constitution, there are no constitutional provisions for education. The system of education is determined by the National Education Act.

Until recently planning and organization were not controlled by central government. Each Local Educational Authority was free to decide how to organize education in its own area. There were wide variations between one part of the country and another. In September 1988, however, "The National Curriculum" was introduced, which means that there is now greater government control over what is taught in schools .and the Secretary of State for Education and Science in the Cabinet is responsible for all the schools, universities and teachers in Britain. In each county education in Britain is provided by the Local Education Authority (LEA). It is financed partly by the Government and partly by local taxes.

Education in Britain mirrors the country's so­cial system: it is class-divided and selective. The first divi­sion is between those who pay and those who do not pay. The majority of schools in Britain are supported by public funds and the education in them is free.The most popular schools are called comprehensive. There is also a considerable number of public (private) schools. Parents must pay fees to send their children to these schools. The fees are high.

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