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1. State the function of the verb «be»:


1. International language is not the phenomenon of our age only.

2. Were there a lot of tourists in the hotel?

3. She will be translating a scientific article at this time tomorrow.

4. Previously the reason for learning any foreign language was not well defined.

5. They were on holiday in Spain last summer.

6. We are to meet our friends at the station at 10 am.

7. Will you be at the university tomorrow?

8. The new educational programs are developed by the experts every year.

9. French was an official language of Russia in the 19th century.

10. What issues were being discussed when we came?

a) смысловой глагол «быть, являться, находиться»;

b) вспомогательный глагол;

c) глагол-связка;

d) эквивалент модального глагола must;

e) элемент конструкции «есть, имеется, существует».


2. State the function of the verb «have»:


1. As for me I have an average family.

2. Our teacher has a lot of English books and magazines at home.

3. The words have been simplified over the centuries.

4. Have you ever been to Great Britain?

5. Many people have to learn foreign languages to travel abroad.

a) смысловой глагол «иметь»;

b) вспомогательный глагол;

c) эквивалент модального глагола must.


3. Choose the appropriate form of Participle:


1. The new method of learning English ….. by our teacher at the lessons is very useful.

a) using b) having used c) being used

2. While …… an article my brother learnt a lot of new words.

a) translating b) being translated c) translated

3. ...... through the papers they left the office.

a) looked b) having been looked c) having looked

4. Have you received a letter…… from Washington?

a) sent b) sending c) being sent

5. … in Germany this book was sold very quickly in Europe.

a) Published b) having published c) Having been published


Choose the appropriate translation of the words in italics:


1. The workers were installing the new apparatus and devices from 3 till 5 yesterday.

2. While installing the new apparatus and devices the workers found a lot of defects.

3. The new apparatus and devices being installed by the workers were ordered in Germany.

4. They spoke about the apparatus and devices installed.

5. Having installed the new apparatus and devices the workers started testing it.

6. The workers installing the new apparatus and devices are the high qualified specialists.

7. The workers installed the new apparatus and devices last week.

8. Having been installed at this company the new apparatus and devices the quality of the products started to increase.

9. Installing the new apparatus and devices the workers used the special machinery.

10. The new apparatus and devices were being installed by the workers from 3 till 5 yesterday.


a) установив

b) установленные

c) устанавливали

d) устанавливающие

e) установили

f) после того как установили

g) которые устанавливают

h) при установке

i) устанавливались

j) устанавливая


5. State the function of the Participle:


1. While doing this work he got new data.

2. I cannot forget the story told by him.

3. The experts were discussing the new educational law from March till May.

4. Being a good engineer he managed to do this work in a short time.

5. Having completed all our preparations we started a new series of experiments.

6. Have you looked through the journals sent to us from abroad?

7. What are you discussing now?

8. The conference taking place at the University is devoted to problems of nuclear physics.

9. If done properly the work will give good results.

10. Having been trained by a good teacher, he could easily pass all the exams.

a) обстоятельство

b) часть сказуемого

c) определение


6. Find 3 sentences with the absolute participial construction and translate them into Russian:


1. Having made a report Peter left the room.

2. Many Russian writers were born in Orel, the most outstanding being Ivan Turgenev.

3. When writing a telegram we should use as few words as possible.

4. The work having been done, they went home.

5. The examination was over, most students getting good marks.


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