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1.* Fill in the table about English speaking countries:


All about the country The UK The USA Canada The Commonwealth of Australia New Zealand
Geographical position      
Big cities      
Official languages      
Nature (mountains, rivers, lakes etc)      
Places of interest.      
Political system      
Main political parties      


2*. Translate into English:


1. Читая книгу, он обычно делает заметки (make notes).

2. Прочитав текст, мы обсудим его.

3. Отвечая на вопросы, он сделал несколько ошибок.

4. Ответив на вопросы преподавателя, мы начали переводить новый текст.

5. Являясь хорошим проводником электричества, медь широко

используется в промышленности.

6. Увидев зеленый свет, мы перешли (cross) улицу.

7. Покупая газету, он потерял деньги.

8. Купив газету, он пошел к метро.

3. Write all forms of Participle of the following words and choose suitable nouns:

e.g. to break –breaking, being broken, broken, having broken, having been broken: a broken cup, a having broken glass, a door being broken, etc.

To receive, to write, to lock, to discuss, to publish, to hide, to build, to lose, to choose, to open, to close, to invite, to want, to bring, to stop, to return, to finish, to repeat, to steal, to kill, to marry, to leave, to need, to hurt, to bring, to forget, to translate.

A letter, a package, a question, a message, a certificate, a job, a newspaper, a document, a driving license, a magazine, a door, a window,

a house, a matter, an idea, a book, a text, an exercise, a man, a woman,

a wife, a husband, a child, a person, a colleague, a specialist, a guest, a car, a leg, a song, a picture, a statue, a present, a souvenir, an animal, an address.


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