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Speaking Workshop  Просмотрен 37

1. Read a well-known English idiom and say:

To carry coals to Newcastle.

What does this idiom mean? Try to find its Russian equivalent.
Explain this idiom.

2. Read and act out the dialogues with your partner. Make up your own dialogues on these models:


Dialogue 1

- Have you ever travelled abroad?

- No, I haven’t. I hope when I am at the university, I’ll earn some money for a trip at least to Denmark. It’ll help me improve my English, because there I’ll speak mostly English.

- Why do people travel? What do you think about it?

- To my mind, there are many reasons for travelling. There are
business trips, when commercial travellers have some mission to execute; or there are merchants who want to sell their goods. Many people travel for pleasure to restore their health during their holidays and to learn about the world.

- Do you prefer travelling in a group to traveling alone?

- As for me, I prefer to travel in a group, because when you travel in
a group of people you are sure to get help if needed. It is more fun as well. When you are alone, that’s dull.

- What English speaking countries would you like to visit?

- I’d like to visit Great Britain and the USA, of course. I have seen many sights in the pictures but I think that in the flesh they will be even more appealing. I’d take my camera with me to take photographs. I think souvenirs are good things but photos stay with you and you can prove everybody that you have been there. Photos also help you remember all the moments of an exciting trip.

- What other countries would you like to visit?

- France, because of its beautiful scenery and wonderful museums.
I would also be happy to see Paris with the Louvre and other famous


Dialogue 2

Customs Inspector: Where are you from?

Ann: I am from Russia.

C. I.: Are you travelling alone?

A.: Yes, I am.

C. I.: What is the purpose of your visit?

A.: I want to see the USA and learn American English.

C. I.: Where are you going to stay?

A.: In Atlanta with an American family.

C. I.: Do you have anything to declare?

A.: No, I don’t.

C. I.: Open your luggage, please.

A.: Here you are.

C. I.: Have a good time in the United States of America!

A.: Thank you.

Dialogue 3.

- Is it possible to see all the places of interest of New York in one or two days?

- Of course not. This capital is one of the most magnificent cities in the world.

- Can you tell me what are the most interesting places to visit?

- Most willingly. You`d better to start with the Statue of Liberty.

- How can I get there?

- I advise you to join a group of tourists making a sightseeing tour.

- It`s a good idea!


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