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Comprehension Check  Просмотрен 35

1. Answer the following questions:


1. Where is the United States of America located?

2. What is the total area and the population of the USA?

3. What countries does the United States border on?

4. When was the United States of America founded?

5. The Constitution was adopted in 1787, wasn’t it?

6. How many states is the USA made up of ?

7. What is the climate of the United States like?

8. What are the famous rivers and lakes of the USA?

9. What are the highest mountains of the USA?

10. Is the USA a highly developed industrial and agricultural country?

11. What natural and mineral resources does the country produce?

12. What are the major cities in the United States?

13. Is the USA a federal republic?

14. How many parties are there in the USA? What are they?

15. What are two Chambers of Congress?

2. Decide whether these statements are true, false or information is not available::


1. The USA is the largest country in Europe.

2. The population of the USA is 350 million.

3. The USA is situated in the central part of the North American

4. The capital of the USA is New York.

5. District of Columbia is one of the largest areas in the country.

6. The British Museum is in Washington.

7. The USA was founded in 1776.

8. George Washington was the second president of the United States.

9. The total area of the country is 9.5 million square kilometers.

10. The highest mountains are the Alps and the Urals.

11. American farmers plant rye, rice and potatoes.

12. Thanksgiving Day is the day of giving thanks to God.

13. Texas and Arizona are famous for the furniture and paper industry.

14. The USA is rich in natural and mineral resources.

15. The USA is a federal republic.


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