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1. Put questions to the underlined parts of the sentences:


1. Great Britain lies to the West of Europe.

2. Britain is washed by the English Channel in the south.

3. There are mountain chains in the north and in the west of the British


4. The climate of Britain is mild.

5. The coal-mining and the textile industries are the oldest industries in Great Britain.

6. The longest river in Ireland is the Shannon.

7. The district around Birmingham is known as black country.

2. State the functions of the words with -ed and translate the sentences:

1. The first television set produced quite a sensation in 1939. The first television set produced in 1939 was a tiny nine-by-twelve inch box.

2. Newton’s great work published in 1687 is called «Principia». Newton published his great work «Principia» in 1687. 3. The Russian Chemical Society organized more than a century ago is named after Mendeleev. The Russian Chemical Society organized an international conference devoted to the latest achievements in organic chemistry. 4. The energy possessed by the body due to its position is called the potential energy. The new material possessed good properties. 5. The car model developed a speed of 50 miles an hour. The car model developed by our students design bureau will be shown on TV.


3. Translate the dialogue. Make up questions to the dialogue:

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