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Speaking Workshop   36

1. Read and act out the dialogues with your partners. Make up your own dialogues on these models:


- So we have 4 hours before leaving for the airport. What shall
we do?

- Well, 4 hours is quite a long period of time. Why dont we go shopping? We could buy some more gifts for our friends and relatives. I usually bring home lots of small souvenirs that remind me of the journey. Besides, its a good way to relax.

- Oh, no! I hate shopping. The shops are usually crowded and I am tired of too many people around me. In addition, its very difficult for me to choose presents.

- Well, what about going to a cafe? Im afraid we can get hungry before the flight. Cafes are usually beautifully decorated so we could take some more pictures.

- Do you suggest spending 4 hours in a cafe? I think well get bored if we spend this time in one place.

- Why? We could have delicious English tea there and try new foods. And we can speak with English people and practice our language.

- Im afraid I dont have enough money for a cafe. To be honest,
I didnt plan spending any more money. Id rather see more of the city
than sit in a stuffy cafe.

- So what do you suggest?

- Lets go to the British Museum. Its one of the biggest museums in Great Britain and its free of charge. I think we shouldnt miss the opportunity of seeing the exhibits which are famous all over the world. Besides, there is a cafe inside and if you are hungry, you can have a snack.

- I dont think its a good idea because we wont have enough time to see the whole museum. And its a bit boring just to look around. I am not fond of visiting museums though I must admit that the British Museum is worth visiting.

- Oh, I agree with you and I want to see its famous library. But you are right that we wont have enough time for everything.

Why not go for
a walk to the park then?

- To the park? It sounds tempting! Its so nice to be in the open air for a change. We have already visited so many museums! And where can
we go?

- We can go to Hyde Park, which is riot far from our hotel. Have you been there before?

- No, I havent been to any park in Great Britain yet. I think it would be interesting to know what they are like here.

- Of course it would. Moreover, Hyde Park is famous for its Speakers Corner and if we are lucky, we can see someone making a speech there.

- Thats fantastic! Anyway, we may enjoy the sunny weather and have a nice time there.

- Im with you there! And we can take beautiful photos and show them to our families and friends. But what if the weather changes for the worse? You know, English weather is so unpredictable!

- Never mind, well take our umbrellas. So what shall we decide on?

- I think that Hyde Park is the best way of spending our time. Anyway, lets hope for the best.

- Ok. Lets hurry.



- Max? What a nice surprise! It` s great to see you!

- Hi, Alex! I havent seen you for ages. Where have you been?

- Ive just come back from Britain.

- Have you? How did you like it there?

- I enjoyed it greatly. I cant say Ive seen a lot, but I liked the places
I visited: London, Stratford-upon-Avon, and Cambridge.

- How long did you stay there?

- For a week. I wouldnt mind staying there longer. You know, you need lots of time to see all British landmarks.

- Sure. You visited Stratford, Cambridge, Oxford and London within
a week! How did you manage?

- Stratford and Cambridge are small towns; it took me a day to go sightseeing there. Another day for Stratford-upon-Avon all the other time I went sightseeing in London. And I cant say I was able to see much of London. So, I have an excuse to come back there someday.

- You are right. What impressed you most?

- The weather. When I was in London, it rained the whole time.

- Is it a joke?

- About the weather? Unfortunately, it isnt.

And if you mean the sights, I liked everything I saw there. Well, Max, Im afraid, I have to go. Goodbye.

- Goodbye, Alex.

2*. Role-play the following situation:


1. One of you is a manager of the international travel agency. Another person is a tourist, who wants to choose the route for travelling.

A manager is offering the UK as the country for travelling. A man/a woman is asking some questions about the geographical position, the capital, the climate, big cities, etc.

2. British and Russian students exchange opinions about their countries.

3. Use the Internet to search for information about the English speaking countries. Make a 10-minute presentation. Use tips given in the appendix 1. Topics to be presented:

1. The national symbols. 2. The traditions and customs. 3. The climate of the country. 4. The places of interest.

5. The most important cities. 6. The industry. 7. The state structure. 8. The main political parties. 9. The national holidays. 10. The British music 11. Sport in the UK. 12. The British Cinema. 13. The British Literature 14. The history of the UK. 15. The subject you are interested in.

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