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Requirements for the Course  Просмотрен 45


1. What kind of options are offered for the final exams?

2.What are the requirements for writing the research paper?

3. What option did Andrew choose as a final exam?


Andrew: Dr. Anderson, could you please clarify the requirements for this course? Some of us are a little bit confused about the final examination.

Dr. Anderson: Oh? Well, you have two options in this course. You can either take a final examination or you can write a research paper instead.

Andrew: Excuse me, Dr. Anderson. That’s the point I need you to clarify. What kind of research paper did you have in mind? An original study? А report? A book review, perhaps?

Dr. Anderson: A report. A summary really, based upon current research in the field.

Andrew: How long should the reports be?

Dr. Anderson: Length is really not important. I should think that it would take at least ten pages in order to develop the topic, however.

Andrew: And should we check the topic with you before we begin writing?

Dr. Anderson: You may, if you wish. But the only requirement is that it relate to current trends in United States foreign policy. Are you considering writing a paper, Andrew?

Andrew: I’m not sure. I think that I’d like to know a little bit more about the examination.

Dr. Anderson: All right. One hundred multiple-choice questions covering both the lectures and the outside readings.

Andrew: Didn’t you say that you would give us one hour for the examination?

Dr. Anderson: Yes, I did.

Andrew: I’m going to do the paper, then.

2*. Role-play the following situations:

1. You are interested in studying at one of the universities in the USA. Find the necessary information about the courses offered on the web-site https://www.studyusa.com/. Exchange opinions with your partner.

2. You are a member of the Russian students’ delegation visiting the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA. Ask for information about the Institute’s courses, degrees, tuition fee and functioning.

3.* Find on the Internet information about the prestigious universities mentioned in the text The System of Higher Education in the USA. Give a five-minute presentation for your group using tips given in the Appendix I.

Find on the Internet information about the system of higher education in other English Speaking Countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand). Make a 5 min presentation for your group using tips given in the Appendix I.

Make the project. Compare the US system of higher education to that one in Great Britain and Russia. Find out the differences and similarities in the educational systems of these countries.

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