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1. Translate the sentences. Pay attention to the verbs in the Simple Active. Give the negative and question forms:

1. They have a big family.

2. His friend will be at the library tomorrow.

3. Her father was a programmer six years ago.

4. His parents are policemen.

5. Their dad works at a big construction company.

6. His brothers studied at the Moscow State University two years ago.

7. He spent a lot of time at the computer center last week.

8. These students will move to a new hostel next semester.

9. Her mum plays the piano every day.

10. Yesterday all our group went to the fitness centre.

11. His brother seldom watches TV.

12. The grandfather lost the key in the evening.

2. Put the verb in brackets into the Present, Past Simple or Future Simple Active. Make up all types of questions to the sentences if possible:


1. His brother always (go) to work by car.

2. They (not spend) much time together last month.

3. Their children usually (travel) a lot with the parents.

4. Who (study) at the mathematical lyceum?

5. His cousin (to be) a civil engineer in five years.

6. Kate (meet) her school friends at the exhibition last week.

7. It (rain) in the country yesterday?

8.His elder brother (to be) a skilled surgeon at the hospital.

9. What films you (prefer) to see?

10. Alex (not look) like his father. He (look) like his mother.

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