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Clearly everyone wants to get parcel as soon as possible. Normally, three to five days from the day of order is treated as an acceptable time of delivery. But delivery expectations extremely vary in European countries. The strictest consumers are in Poland as they wish the shortest possible delivery time, while Scandinavians are less demanding. Numerous research shows that a distinct correlation exists between population density and delivery expectations: a high population density makes it easier to develop logistics network and people in these areas get used to fast delivery, while Nordic, for example, are somehow more distant geographically and consumers here are ready to wait for 1–2 days longer.

Another important point for consumers is the delivery model. In the UK, Italy, Belgium, and Netherlands the most popular way is home delivery. While in France and Scandinavian countries consumers prefer to collect their orders by themselves from a distribution point. The least popular methods are either collecting it from a parcel machine (however this way is widespread in Poland) or delivery to a workplace.

Also, there are some other delivery options that couldn’t be ignored by online stores:

· The ability to change the time of delivery. This option is highly important in such countries as Poland ( for 71% of respondents), Spain (67%), Italy (59%) and France (52%).

· The ability to pay for faster delivery. Mostly in the UK and France consumers are ready to pay extra money in order to get their purchase faster.


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