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RUSSIA’S FOREIGN TRADE, Dialogue  Просмотрен 63


Модуль 1



Russia has trade relations with different countries. Our trade contactsare developing from year to year. Russia is a country of stable economy, and this helps us to develop our foreign trade. We can know in advance what goods we shall require and how much we must buy or sell. Russiaexports and imports different kinds of goods, such as machines, equipment, raw materials, manufactured goods, consumergoods and foodstuffs.

Russiaconcludes trade agreements with foreign countries. On the basis of these agreements the Ministry of Foreign Trade signs con­tracts with foreign firms.





Camp: Hello, is that Machinoexport?

Secretary: Yes. Who is that speaking, please2?

Camp: This is Camp of Roberts and Co. I’d like to speak to Mr. Bunin.

Secretary: Just a moment. I’ll put you through.

Camp: Thank you.

Bunin: Bunin speaking3.



Camp: Good afternoon, Mr. Bunin. I’ve received the final reply from our firm. We accept your offer, but I’d like to clear up some points. When shall we meet?

Bunin: I’ll be glad to see you any time tomorrow.

Camp: Will the contract be ready by that time?

Bunin: Yes, certainly it will.

Camp: Very good. You see, I’m leaving for London on the 15th of April.

Bunin: I believe that’ll be next Sunday.

Camp: Yes, quite so4.

Bunin: I think we’ve done good business, Mr. Camp. Will you join me for dinner on Saturday5?

Camp: Yes, with pleasure6.

Bunin: I’ll call for you at the hotel at about six then.

Camp: Thank you. Good-bye, Mr. Bunin.

Bunin: Good-bye.


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