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Filter Drier   106

3Direction: This arrow down.


2. ) After replacing, turn on the machine and run to Reset the data of filter

1. Maintenance


2. Choose this menu.

3. Make sure the filter has been replaced properly, and then go ahead

4. You will find that the filter life has come back to 100KG..

7.3 Reset data of vacuum pump oil


1) In the following cases, you need to drain the pump oil and add fresh oil:

(a) When the oil level is below the line, you must add some oil. When it is much higher than the line level, please drain some. It should be between the Minimum and Maximum.

(b) The lifetime of pump oil is 600minutes. When it warns to replace the oil, then please follow to do so.

(c) When the oil color is like milk, please drain it and add fresh oil.

2) How to drain pump oil and add fresh oil:

(1) Please run the vacuum process for at least 1 minute before replacing oil.

(2) Open the back door of the machine.

(3) Open the cover on top of the pump.


(4) Get a tank ready for the waste pump oiluse spanner to twist the screw under the pump and drain the oil to the tank.

(5) After all oil drained, use spanner to fix the screw.

(6) Add fresh oil from the top of the pump.

(7) Please be careful that the oil should be at this level.

(8) After that, fix the cover on top of the pump


(9) After adding new pump oil, please restart the machine.


3) Reset the data of pump oil:

1. Turn onpress to choose,

2. Choose the 4th menu,



4. When you read below information, make sure if you have changed the pump oil, and then press to next

5. When reset pump oil data, the lifetime of the oil will come to be 600 minutes.


7.4 Calibrate the electronic scale


After replacing the storage cylinder, or you find the scale being not accurate after long-times using, please calibrate the electronic scale.


1 Take out the storage cylinder:

(1) Open the back cover, you will see the cylinder:

Storage Cylinder


(2) Close the manual valve on the cylinderplease refer to the picture:

Recovery valve (blue)
Charge valve (red)


(3) Open the yellow cover of the air purge valve, and take out the black body of valve.

Solenoid valve (for air purge)

(4) Remove the screws under the cylinder, and then take out the cylinder.

(5) Choose Maintenance

6Choose Calibrate the electronic scale

7Enter the password (please contact distributor for this code):

8After input password, press to go ahead.


9Follow below instruction to put 7KG weight onto the scale tray.

9 ) Press to calibrate


10Calibration done, press to exit. And then fix the cylinder by screws.

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