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7.1 Empty the internal tank


When the internal tank is full, please discharge the gas. Steps as below:


1. Select Ў°MaintenanceЎ±

2. Choose the menu, press to continue.


4. Connect an external tank and press




4. Set the amount you want to discharge, and then go ahead

5. Discharging

6. Discharging has been done. Press




7.2 Reset the data of filter drier


The lifetime of filter drier is 100KG. When its lifetime running out, the system will ask you to change a new one, when you turn on the machine, it warns and it will refuse to do any recovery or recharging.

1. ) How to change a new filter:

(1) Check the Ў°LP GaugeЎ± and Ў°HP GaugeЎ± on top of machine. When it is more than 150kpa, please recover the residue gas from the hoses.

(2) Open the side door and you can find the Ў°Filter DrierЎ±. Remove the old one and replace a new one. Pay attention to the direction of the filter drier.

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