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Recovery  Просмотрен 110

1. Turn on the machine, choose Ў°RecoveryЎ±, press to enterЈє

2. Press to continue.

3. When you see the message, please follow and press to vacuum first.


4. Doing vacuum.

5. Vacuum ends and please press to next step.

6. Set the amount and press to recover.

7. If the tank is full or temperature too high, please follow message to exit or continue.

8. When there is little gas inside the car A/C system, or you forget to open the R134a quick adaptors, it warns as below. Please open the quick adaptors and try to Ў°ResumeЎ± recovery, or press to exit.

9. Oil will be drained after recovery.

10. After that, it is completed. Press and come back to main menu.






Choose Ў°VacuumЎ± and Ў°EnterЎ±.


2. Press to next after reading the message



3. When you see this message, please follow the instruction. You can find the operation instructions in this manual. After connecting the hoses, and open the valves, please press to go ahead.




4. Set the time, press


5. In progress



6. When it reaches the time that you have set, it will perform the leak test. If the users being sure that there is no any leak, please press to skip this process.


7. After leak test, it will ask to add fresh oil. Please keep pressing for a while to inject the oil. Pay attention: The oil amount you need to inject should be according to the amount that it has been drained.


The oil you input into the Ў°fresh oil bottleЎ± should be the same as what you want to input into the A/C system.

Shall it find leaks during the process of Ў°leak testЎ±, please exit and check where it leaks.

8. When vacuum failed, it will prompt out message.

Please Exit.

9. When vacuum completed, please press



1. Choose Ў°ChargeЎ±.

2. Press to next step

3. Follow instructions and then press to next step

4. Set amount and go ahead

5. In progress

6. After charging, it reads as below. Please check accordingly and then go ahead

7. When you see the warning, please follow


8. After removing the hoses from the car, system will recover the residue gas from hoses automatically.



9. When the tank being full or in high temperature, recovering can be stopped.

10. Charge process completed. Press



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