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Basic Operation  Просмотрен 109

5.1 Connection to the car A/C system ЈЁsee below pictureЈ©

(Low-side hose connects to low-side end of A/C; High-Side hose connects to High-side end of A/C)

5.2 How to connect the adaptors/hoses

During operation, LCD will prompt out message close of open quick adaptors frequently. Please refer to below picture for operation.


Ў°CLOSE quick adaptorsЎ±. Ў± Јє

See below picture. Close the high-side and low-side quick adaptors anti-clockwise.


Ў°OPEN high-side and low-side quick adaptorsЎ± at clockwise






There is no any refrigerant inside the new machine. So before running a new machine, please refill 2~6KGS fresh R134A refrigerant into storage cylinder which locates inside the machine.


Please follow the instructions to refill:

1. Connect the blue hose to the LP Connector at the back of machine.

2. Connect the blue quick adaptor on blue hose to the external tank connector

3. Close the red quick adaptor on the red hose, in order to seal the high-side end

4. Switch on the machine, and select Ў°MaintenanceЎ± and then Ў°EnterЎ±



5. You will see below message, please press to continue.

6Ј®Please vacuum the hoses. It will prevent the air going into the external source tank.

7. Vacuum in process:


8. Vacuum can be suspended if any gas (R134a) inside the hose. Follow instructions to handle.

9.When vacuum completed, it warns and please press OK. to next step.

10. Please set the amount below, and press to start refilling.

11. Refill in progress


12. If the tank being in high pressure or nearly full, Ў°RefillЎ± will be stopped and please follow instructions to exit. But this case will not happen in new machine, since the inside storage tank being empty.


Another case is that there is no gas inside the external tank, and refilling process can be suspended.

13. Refill process completed, press to exit and come back to main menu.



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