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Exercise 4. Напишите сравнительную степень прилагательных. Например: old – older; beautiful – more beautiful; good – better

1. large; 2. big; 3. happy; 4. pretty; 5. young; 6. bad; 7. good; 8. difficult;

9. serious; 10. busy; 11. careful; 12. little.

Exercise 5. Закончите предложения, поставив прилагательные в превосходную степень сравнения. Например: This building is very old. – It’s the oldestbuilding in the city.

1. It was a very happy day. It was … day in my life.

2. It’s a very good film. It’s … I have ever seen.

3. She is a very popular singer. She is … singer in our country.

4. It was a bad mistake. It was … mistake I have ever made.

5. She is a very pretty girl. She is … girl I have ever seen.

6. He is a very interesting person. He is … person I’ve ever met.

Exercise 6. Вставьте as…asили so…as.

Например: My room is aslight asthis one. This child is not sosmall asthat one.

1. Mike is …tall …Pete. 2. Kate is not … nice …Ann. 3. I am not … young … Pete. 4. Sergey is … old … Michael. 5. Kate is … lazy …her brother. 6. Nick’s English is not … good …his friend’s.

Exercise 7. Раскройте скобки, употребляя нужную форму прилагательного.

1. Russia is a very (large) country. 2. St. Petersburg is one of the (beautiful) cities in the world. 3. English is as (difficult) as German. 4. John is (old) than Tom. 5. Your handwriting is now (good) than it was last year. 6. What is the name of the (high) mountain in Asia?


Глагол to be

Exercise 8. Вставьте am, is, are.

1.The weather … very nice today. 2. These bags … very nice. 3. Can you close the window? I … cold. 4. Ann and I … good friends. 5. Ann …at home, but her children … at school. 6. I … a student and my brother … a pupil.

Exercise 9. Ответьте на вопросы о себе, используя таблицу спряжения глагола to beв настоящем простом времени (Present Simple).

Например: Areyou Russian? – Yes, I am.I amRussian.

1. What is your name? 2. Where are you from? 3. How old are you? 4. Are you married or single? 5. What’s your wife’s /your husband’s name? 6. How old is he / she?

Exercise 10. Поставьте выделенные глаголы в прошедшее простое время (Past Simple), употребив, где необходимо по смыслу, обстоятельства времени yesterday, last month (week) и т.п. Например: My sister is seventeen today. – My sister wasseventeen yesterday.

1.We are at home now. 2. I am late for the lesson. 3. The children’s hands are dirty. 4. My son is at the library now. 5. It is a fine day today. 6. The weather is very hot in summer.

Exercise 11. Поставьте выделенные глаголы в будущее простое время (Future Simple), употребив по смыслу обстоятельства времени tomorrow, next month (week) и т.п.

Например: Tom is seven today. – Tom will beseven next summer.

1. The weather is fine in the morning.

2. My friends are at the disco now.

3. Nick is at the university on Monday.

4. My mother and my father are at home this evening.

5. I am busy this Sunday.

6. We are so tired after the trip.

Exercise 12. Вставьте am/ am not/ is/ isn’t/ are/ aren’t/ was/ wasn’t/ were/ weren’t.

Например:Areyou married? – No, I am not.

1. Cats … big animals.

2. I phoned you yesterday evening, but you … at home. Where … you?

3. Last year we … in Paris.

4. George … at work last week because he … ill.

5. Diamonds … cheap.


Motor-racing … a dangerous sport.

Exercise 13. Вставьте am/ am not/ is/ isn’t/ are/ aren’t/ was/ wasn’t/ were/ weren’tor will be.

Например: Isit dark now? – No, it isn’t. It will bedark in an hour.

1. The weather … nice today, but yesterday it … cold.

2. Where … you last Friday morning?

3. Where … the children? - They …in the garden.

4. … your friends … at the disco next Sunday? – Yes, they will.

5. Don’t buy these shoes. They … very expensive.

6. I must go now. It … very late.


Конструкция there be

Exercise 14. Выберите правильную форму глагола.

1. There is / are a large table in my room.

2. There is / are two windows in the classroom.

3. There was / were many children in the park yesterday.

4. There wasn’t / weren’t a cinema here in 1970.

5. There was / will be a nice disco next Sunday.

6. There is / are a blackboard, ten tables and two chairs in our classroom.

Exercise 15. Вставьте there is / is there / there isn’t/ isn’t there/ there are/ aren’t / are there?

1. Look! … a photograph of George in the newspaper.

2. Where can we sit? …any chairs in the room.

3. Excuse me, … a restaurant here?

4. How many students … in your group?

5. How many players … in a football team?

6. We can’t take any photographs. … a film in a camera.

Exercise 16. Вставьте there is / is there/ there are/ there was/ there were/ there will be.

1. Look! This bag is empty. … nothing in it.

2. When we arrived at the cinema, … a long queue outside.

3. Why are those policemen outside the bank? … a robbery?

4. Tomorrow the weather will be cold. … some rain in the afternoon.

5. Ten years ago … 500 children at school.

6. This is a modern city. … many high buildings here.


Глагол to have

Exercise 17. Составьте вопросы по образцу.

Например: You/ a camera? – 1. Have you got a camera?

2. Do you have a camera?

1. You/ a passport? 2. Your father/ a car? 3. Mr. and Mrs. Smith/ any children? 4. How much money/ you? 5. What kind of car/ John? 6. Carol/ many friends?

Exercise 18. Вставьте have got (‘ve got)/ has got (‘s got)/ haven’t got/ hasn’t got.

1. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson … two children, a boy and a girl.

2. Where is my newspaper? I don’t know. I … it.

3.An insect … six legs.

4. Ben doesn’t read much. He … many books.

5. I can’t open the door. I … got the key.

6. Quick! Hurry! We … much time.

Exercise 19. Вставьте had/ didn’t have/ did … have.

1. Last year I … much money. 2. What kind of car … your father … last month? 3. I was in a hurry and I … breakfast this morning. 4. … you … a good holiday in Spain? – Yes, I did. 5. She … a pen, but she … any paper to write a letter. 6. You … this book yesterday, did you?


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