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Прочитайте диалог, переведите его, обращая внимание на условные предложения второго типа.  Просмотрен 48

Gerald Compton is planning a 40th birthday party for his wife, Margaret. He and his children are making a list of people to invite.


DAD: ...Well, if we invited Auntie Daphne, we would have to invite Uncle George, and that’s a bit of problem.

JAMES: Oh, he’s not so bad – as long as we don’t have any rock music. Do you remember how he danced at Frank’s wedding?!

ANNA: I wasn’t there. I wish I had seen it!

SAM: He was wild! I think we should invite them both. Auntie Daphne would be so upset if you didn’t invite her.

DAD: OK. ... Auntie Daphne and Uncle George ... and what about the neighbours? I think the Thompsons are going to be in America in June, but they wouldn’t be very happy if we didn’t tell them. And the Chens, shall we invite them?

JAMES: Yes, of course! And if you asked them, you would have to invite their daughter, Mei Ling ... oh, and their son, of course.

DAD: Right... Mr and Mrs Chen, Mei Ling and Jia Sheng.

ANNA: Do you think Mum knows about the party?

DAD: I don’t know. It’s hard to keep secrets from her!

SAM: I know. How about if we pretended () to be organising a family dinner for her 40th birthday, then she’d never guess!

DAD: That’s a brilliant idea! I’ll ask her which restaurant she wants to go to...


6. Поставьте глаголы, данные в скобках в нужном времени (II тип условных предложений):

1) The kitchen (look) better if we (have) red curtains.

2) I (be) sorry if we (not see) her again.

3) It (be) a pity if Andy (not get)

4) If I (know) his address, I (go) around and (see) him.

5) What you (do) if you (win) the lottery?

6) It (be) quicker if you (use) a computer

7) If you (be) so busy, I (show) you how to play.

8) If we (have) some eggs, I (make) you a cake.

9) If you really (love) me, you (buy) me those diamonds.

10) I’m sure, Mary (help) you if you (ask) her.

11) If it (not be) so cold, I (tidy) up the garden.

12) If I (have) the keys, I (show) you the cellar.

13) If I (have) children like hers, I (send) them to the boarding school.

14) Where you (go) if you (need) to buy a picture frame?

15) If all of us (come), you (have) room enough in your car?


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