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Переделайте предложения используя сложное подлежащее.  Просмотрен 81


It is well known that this method is unreliable. – This method is known to be unreliable.


1) It is thought that this problem is more complicated,

2) It is expected that this approach will give a better result.

3) It is reported that the Earth’s crust is the thinnest in the Atlantic Ocean.

4) It is supposed that the planet have a weak magnetic field.

5) It is unlikely that this planet is inhabitable.

6) It is said that the Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

7) It has been found that optical technology is cost-effective.

8) It seems that our present-day life is quite impossible without telephone, radio, and television.

9) It is certain that superconductivity brought about a new technological revolution.

10) Nobody has ever seen him smile or laugh.

11) People have never heard her say a kind word to anybody.

12) It is known that he was a boxer in his youth.

13) They did not allow us to enter.

14) It was expected that some new people would arrive in a week.

15) It is not likely that the weather will change soon.

16) It seems she has forgotten everything.

17) It turned out that he was sleeping at the time I phoned.

18) It happens that money just doesn't interest me at all.

19) It appeared that he was thinking of something and had not
noticed me enter.

20) It seemed that he was looking for trouble.

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