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Раскройте скобки, употребив инфинитив или причастие настоящего времени.  Просмотрен 95

1) I watched the guests (leave), one by one.

2) She looked out of the window and saw the rain (pour) down on the leafless garden.

3) Suddenly they heard a key (turn) in the lock. They waited for somebody (appear).

4) After a short rest I felt strength (come) back to me.

5) Jane looked back and saw a stranger (follow) her slowly.

6) I saw the glass (slip) from her hand and (fall) to the floor.

7) We felt winter (come) for quite a long time.

8) When Helen returned to the hostel, she found her roommates (have) a party.

9) The police saw the detective (stop) and (take) a few shots.

10) The parents watched their children (laugh, talk and enjoy) themselves on the beach.

11) I saw the unhappy young man (sit) on the bench with a miserable expression.

12) Everybody noticed the lawyer (give) a start and (turn) pale.

13) I felt as if I could feel her heart (beat). And then, suddenly, I heard her heart
(stop) beating.

14) I can smell something (burn).
15) People saw robbers (wait) behind the bank.


6. Употребите частицу to, если это необходимо.


1) We expect everybody ... join us and ... have fun.

2) He got them ... rebuild the house.

3) Why can't you let your son ... decide his future?

4) We don't want anyone ... interfere.

5) I think this painting ... be a masterpiece.

6) Let him ... rest till he feels better.

7) I won't have you ... say it behind my back.

8) We suppose her ...

be in her late fifties.

9) This is the place from which I saw David … arrive to the house.

10) He asked her … destroy letters.

11) I told her … bring in the tea.

12) Women always want you … write them letters.

13) You can’t make me … say what you want me … say.

14) I had expected him … be disappointed.

15) She watched me … open the safe.



7. Вставьте наиболее подходящие глаголы.


1. Why don’t you … her to wear high heels?

2. The way she looks at me … me blush.

3. Do you … me to show you the place on the map?

4. No one had … her to return so early.

5. I have never … her look so sweet.

6. Who … you to miss lectures?

7. She … the children to be well behaved.

8. You can’t … him come if he doesn’t want to.

9. I … you to forget about your responsibilities.

10. My grandfather … the children to play quiet games.

11. Everybody … him to be an outstanding scientist.

12. They … this team to lose the game.



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