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Сравнение смысловых различий в употреблении герундия и инфинитива после приведённых ниже глаголов:


Глагол + Герундий +Инфинитив
  Прошлое действие или событие Настоящее или будущее действие или событие
1. remember forget We don't remember even seeing you. I'll never forget flying for the first time. Please remember to post the letter. Don't forget to feed the cat, will you?
2. regret He regrets saying it. I'll always regret not going to university. I regret to say that you are not right. We regret to inform you that you are not accepted.
3. stop They stopped talking. (Они перестали разговаривать.) They stopped to talk. (Они остановились, чтобы поговорить.)
  Пассивное значение Активное значение
4.need want require The windows need cleaning.(need to be cleaned) Your car wants washing. This water requires filtering. I need to call them. She wants to redecorate the kitchen. You need to filter this water.

1. Выберите правильный вариант: инфинитив или герундий.

1) I stopped___ television, because the film was boring.

a) to watch b) watching

2) I stopped____ him, but he didn't notice me.

a) to greet b) greeting

3) My father promised___ me a computer.

a) to buy b) buying

4) I tried______ my bike, but couldn't.

a) mending b) to mend

5) "I'm willing______ a chance," he said.

a) to take b) taking -

6) He kept the conversation ball________ by asking questions now and then.

a) to roll b) rolling

7) He continued_____ silently.

a) to drive b) driving

8) I suggested______ a CD for his birthday.

a) to buy b) buying

9) I advise you______ tickets in advance.

a) to book b) booking

10) They managed_____ the product at the beginning of July.

a) to launch b) launching

11) Don't worry! I won't forget _____ your cats.

a) to feed b) feeding

12) My mother never forgets_______ our cat, but 1 sometimes do.

a) to feed b) feeding

13) Where do you like____ your holidays?

a) to spend b) spending

14) I refused____ on a walk because the weather was too bad.

a) to go b) going

15) I can't stand___ at restaurants.

a) to eat b) eating

16) My husband hates__ .

a) to shop b) shopping

17) I don't mind______ at all.

a) to cook b) cooking

18) This problem isn’t worth __________.

a) to discuss b) discussing


2. Употребите герундий или инфинитив вместо инфинитива в скоб­ках. Употребите предлог если это необходимо.

1. I regret (to miss) the show. 2. We regret (to say) we are not com­ing. 3. He is quite able (to take care) of himself. 4. He is capable (to do) things you would least expect of him. 5. I don't like your way (to talk). 6. This is not the way (to talk). 7. It was very useful (to hear) the differ­ent opinions. 8. It's no use (to argue). The matter is settled. 9. You can hardly count (to find) everything as you would like it to be. 10. He felt that they were hiding something from him, and he demanded (to tell) the truth. 11. I'll give you a chance (to try) your hand at it. 12. Shall we have a chance (to see) you here again? 13. His time was up, but he still went on (to talk). 14. After saying a few words about the author him­self, the lecturer went on (to speak) of his works. 15. I need spectacles (to read). 16. The print is too small; I need glasses (to read) it with.


3. Ответьте на следующие вопросы.

1. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 2. What would you like to do tonight? 3. What must you remember to do each day? 4. What can you remember doing when you were a child? 5. If you want to lose weight, what should you stop doing? 6. What do you regret doing in the past? 7. What did you try to do regularly during your academic year? 8. What can you try to do if you want to improve your English? 9. What must you never try to do? 10. What does your car (flat, dacha) need to do every year? 11. What do your parents always try to make you do? 12. What can't you give up doing? 13. What do you need to do to make a good career? 14. What will you have to get used to doing after you leave school (graduate from University)? 15. Where do you feel like going for your holiday?


4. Употребите инфинитив или герундий вместо глаголов в скоб­ках. В некоторых случаях возможны два варианта.

1. My friend enjoys (paint). Now he wants (paint) a landscape. 2. He likes (drive), but he doesn't like (drive). 3. She doesn't like (deceive) people. 4. I can't stand (deceive) by my friends. 5. Suddenly it started (rain) hard and we stopped (look) for a shelter. 6. Bob's parents prom­ise (take) him to Disneyland. 7. I can't remember ever (promise) to marry you. 8. Little children hate (leave) alone at home. 9. My car needs (service). 10. (Choose) is better than (choose). 11. Please, stop (crack) nuts so loudly! 12. We stopped (buy) a packet of nuts. 13. — Did you remember (feed) the fish in the morning? — I did and stop (remind) me about it every day. 14. Would you mind (shut) the window? 15. Af­ter the accident, the injured man came to himself in hospital. He re­membered (cross) the road, but he didn't remember (knock down). 16. This boxer isn't used to (beat); he is used to (win) all the games.17. No one enjoys (work) like a slave and (underpay).18. I always try (treat) people politely and I insist on (treat) in the same manner. 19. Some workmen dislike (pay) by cheque; they prefer (get) cash.20. The fisherman went home after sunset without (catch) a single fish.21. We read this book in class last year. Do you remember (read) it?


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