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Text B. Boat Drills  Просмотрен 434

According the regulations boat drills should be held just before the departure of the ship, especially if new crewmembers have embarked, and at sea at least once a week.

During boat drills new crewmembers are familiarized with the working of the life-saving equipment and each seaman has an opportunity to improve his skills. The Third Officer is in charge of the life-saving equipment. From time to time some drills should be held with the life saving equipment, such as lowering a lifeboat in the water. Crewmembers test the engines in the lifeboatsand check the emergency radio equipment in the lifeboat. Also they are shown video’s about the use of the life rafts and demonstrated the use of marine pyrotechnics.

Upon emergency signal the crewmembers should go to the muster station, where the tasks and instructions are made by the officer in charge. He determines the order in which seamen embark.

Drills are to be carried out under the best possible conditions for supervision in still water. Boat drills are if possible to be held when the ship is loaded to its deepest draft. That above all reduces the danger form the propeller. Everyone in the boat wears an immersion suit or lifejacket. RT communication using VHF radiotelephones is established between the bridge and the officer in charge of the drill and is maintained throughout the drill.

* the translation of the words in italics can be found in the exercise 1.


Exercise 9. Study the abstracts of muster list with the help of the dictionary. Lean by heart the name of the emergency stations and duties of the crewmembers.

Muster List (extract)

Rank Fire and Emergency Station and Duty
Deck Department   
Bosun Emergency squad. Provide life line.
Helmsman On the bridge. Relieve the wheelman.
Helmsman Emergency squad. Provide fire extinguisher.
Able Seaman Emergency squad. Provide extra length of hose and spanner.
Able Seaman Main deck forward fire hydrants. Stand by to lead out hose.
Ordinary Seaman On the bridge. Act as a messenger.
Ordinary Seaman Boat deck fire hydrants. Stand by to lead out hose.
Engine Department   
Oiler Engine room. Assist at fire pumps.
Oiler Engine room. Stand by with foam fire extinguisher.
Wiper Main deck amidships. Outside fire hydrants. Starboard side. Stand by and assist.


life line – спасательный леер

length of hose – кусок/отрезок пожарного рукава

fire hydrant – пожарный кран

spanner – гаечный ключ

messenger - посыльный

foam extinguisher – пенный огнетушитель


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