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Text A. Fire Drills  Просмотрен 542

Alarm for a real fire may be given at any time and it will be rapid ringing of the General Alarm Bells for a period of at least 10 seconds. An announcement is made twice over general announcing system.

For drill purposes, a fire may be in a specific place. The person who discovers an actual fire must give the alarm. Once the alarm has sounded personnel nearby should act to check or extinguish the fire. All other crewmembers respond to the alarm in accordance with the Muster List.

Emergency squad or party will assemble with equipment immediately upon the Emergency Signal. Fire pumps must be started, all watertight doors, ports and air shafts must be closed, and all fans and blowers stopped. Fire hose must be led out in the affected area.

All fire-fighting equipment must be kept in good operating condition ready for immediate use. The deck department is responsible for the maintenance and care, inspection and refilling of all portable fire-fighting equipment: fire extinguishers, fire hoses, fire nozzles, etc. The engine department is responsible for the maintenance and care of all fixed fire-fighting systems, fire pumps, fire mains and fire hydrants and sand boxes in the boiler rooms. This equipment includes piping, valves, bottles, controls and alarms.

Fire drills are held weekly or monthly depending on the ship’s safety and company’s safety policy. At each drill, the crew is instructed in the proper use of the various types of fire-fighting equipment.


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