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There are several types of lifeboats that are used on large and small ships. The material of this safety equipment can be wood, steel or aluminum, plastics and even rubber. Wooden or metal lifeboats require significant maintenance. Metal boats tend to corrode quickly if neglected, wooden ones can dry out and then become leaky. Glass-fiber carbon reinforced plastic lifeboats on the other hand have a high corrosion resistance and a low maintenance requirement.

Let’s speak about other classification of lifeboats. Totally enclosed lifeboats are self-regulating if all openings are closed watertight and the persons on board are belted into their seats. That is the normal condition even at launch. If a totally enclosed boat capsizes with the across or ventilation openings open it still possible to leave it above water. In open lifeboats everyone holds onto the lifelines. Before climbing into free-fall boats (спасательная шлюпка свободного падения), lifejackets are taken off and stowed in the boat.

Partially enclosed lifeboats are also used, particularly on passenger vessels. They are not suitable for free-fall launching.

Free-fall boats are totally enclosed lifeboats stowed on specially designed launching appliance at the stern.

Rescue boats may be of rigid or inflatable construction or of combination of both. Rescue boats have either an inboard or an outboard motor. That enables them to achieve a speed of at least 6 knots running and 2 knots towing.


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