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absorb adversely affect anthropogenic birth defect build-up in the atmosphere carbon dioxide carbon emissions carbon footprint carbon monoxide cardiovascular disease carpool cesspool chemical sludge chlorine chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) clear felling combat (v.) combustion contamination coolant dilution disposal site drought ecosystem emanate emission extinct (adj.) fossil fuel glacier global warming greenhouse effect greenhouse gases habitat herbicide holistic inalienable incinerator industrial chemical discharge ingestion of toxic chemicals invasive species lead (n.) leakage litter (v., n.) landfill (n.) lethal livestock farm long-wave radiation methane mining motor vehicle emissions municipal solid waste nitrogen nuclear power oil refinery oxygen ozone particulate matter pesticide power plant radioactive contaminaion radioactive fallout rechargeable refuse (n.) respiratory disease sea level rise sewage short-wave radiation species (sg., pl) spill (n.) storage of trash sulfur take issue with smb./smth. uninhabitable untreated chemicals wildlife mortality warfare
afterthought bale beyond the pale of common civic values brandish buy-back center cardboard committed to community compost heap convert into conveyer belt corrugated cardboard cullet curbside collection cut smb. dead devil-may-care discarded dispute claims draconian rule drop-off-center dump efficiency elaborate and fiercely policed protocols encourage compliance, ethos festering fossil fuels garbage pick-up days garbage storage gnomic account habitat haul household garbage illicitly in a bolshy mood incineration infraction integral part landfilling lighting fixture lucrative mainstay penchant pick-up pipe up po-faced postconsumer content processed pulp recovery facility recyclable product recyclables recycled-content product regulations resent rhetoric scrap metals single stream” collection six months down the road skyrocket solid waste spring-cleaning straightforward suppressed rage take on importance trudge under cover of night up and coming waste disposal waste paper wind up in landfills  
abnormality allergic reaction antibiotic resistance antibiotics avian flu bio-invasion bioserfdom breed cell crop cross breeding DNA “freak” animals gene genetic engineering genetically modified organism geneticist indigenous infertile mutate mutation nutritional value pollen pollinating plant reductionist science resistant to pesticides royalties run amock side effects soybeans sugar beet toxin transgenic trigger (v.) weed killer
acidic beneficiary biodiversity blueprint bolster breeding programme bring to the table captive-bred carrying capacity confine curb driving factor drought enclosure evolutionary lineages exponential growth fell few and far between form a rounded picture fossil fuel deposits fossils gawp grisly have an end point human impact in captivity low-hanging fruit markedly accelerate mass extinction menagerie   nature-deficit disorder outpace improvements outreach work over longer timescales poach population crash predator provoke concern rationale repository restore animals to their natural habitats risible rivet run out of steam scandalous seminal work sketch out species loss subsidiary the root cause tick along tipping point ultimately unchecked growth unimpaired wantonly whisk wreak horrendous damage    
biodiversity brainchild chemical cycling civil disobedience compost (v., n.) congestion ecocity energy efficiency standard flood-prone freshwater (adj.) garbage incinerator grassland headlight high-rise apartment building ice age internationally acclaimed life support system livable low-polluting mass transit metropolitan area on the rise organic garden pay off pedestrian walkway people-oriented city permit (n.) purification renewable rooftop garden roving classroom smart growth soil erosion solar sprawl (v.) steel mill success story sustainability sustainable toxic waste traffic conjestion urban area urban planner wasteland wetland window box zero-emission (adj.) zoning


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