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Old English Grammar  Просмотрен 921



Form-building. Parts of speech and grammatical categories.

The Noun. Its grammatical categories. The use of cases. Morphological classification of nouns. Declensions. Weak and strong declensions. Root stems. Types of plural forms.

The pronoun. Personal pronouns. Their categories. Demonstrative pronouns. Declensions of the demonstrative pronouns and þes. Other classes of pronouns.

The adjectives. Grammatical categories. Weak and strong declension. Degrees of comparison. Positive, comparative, superlative degrees. Means of forming the degrees of comparison: suffixation, suffixation plus vowel interchange, suppletion.

Numerals. Cardinal and ordinal numerals.

The verb. Grammatical categories of the finite verbs. Conjugation of verbs. Grammatical categories of the verbals. Participles. Morphological classifications of verbs.

Strong verbs. The classes of strong verbs.

Weak verbs. The classes of weak verbs. Class 1: regular, irregular verbs.

Preterite-present or past-present verbs. Anomalous verbs. Suppletive verbs.


Ways of expressing syntactical relations: agreement, government, joining.

The sentence. The simple sentence. The main parts, the secondary parts. Word order. Multiple negation. Compound and complex sentences. Connectives.


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