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Test 25  Просмотрен 329

25A1 it would have opened 146B

2 disappear 144B

3 travelled 145B

4 would be 147B

5 they don't build 144B

6 would suffer 145B

7 I'll go 144B/I'm going to go 147B

8 I'd/I had known 146B

9 I'd/I would have moved 146B

10 they'd/they had done 147B

11 there won't be/there might not be 144B

25B1 had been 146B

2 in case 148D

3 knew 149C

4 only 149A

5 when 148B

6 unless 148C


25CI If you talk about football, I'm going to be very bored. 147B


2 If the baby had cried, we wouldn't have had a good
sleep. 146B

3 If you want a chat, just give me a ring. 147B

4 If Nigel had satellite TV, he could watch/would be
able to watch the game. 145B

5 If you go away, I'll miss you. 144B

6 If I was/were rich, I'd/1 would have given up
working long ago. 146D

7 If we'd/we had bought that picture five years ago, it
would be quite valuable now. 146D

8 If you throw a stone into water, it sinks, or If you
throw a stone into water, it'll/it will sink. 144D


25D1 If it rains, I'll stay here. 144B


2 Can you tell me when it starts? 148B

3 I wouldn't need to repeat things all the time if you
listened. 145B

4 If air gets warmer, it rises. 144D

5 I'd better get another one made in case I lose it.

6 I wish we'd/we had left home earlier. 149D

7 If it doesn't arrive today, we'll have to complain.

8 I wish someone would turn it down. 149B

9 Unless we act quickly, it'll be too late. 148C

10 But he wouldn't have been angry if you hadn't
damaged his stereo. 146B

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