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Unit 135  Просмотрен 488

1 1 She wants to know how she can find out about the


2 He wants to know if/whether there are any guided

3 They want to know where they can stay.

4 They want to know what shows there are.

2 1 Do you know if I can park here?

2 Could you tell me how long the film lasts?

3 Do you know how often the buses run?

4 Do you know if we are/we're allowed to smoke?

5 Could you tell me what time the flight is?

6 Could you tell me how much a ticket costs?

3 1 why I wanted the job.

2 how I (had) heard about it.

3 if/whether I was fit.

4 if/whether 1 could work on Saturdays.

5 how I would/I'd travel to work.

6 if/whether I had (got) a bicycle.

7 how much I hoped to earn.

8 when I could start.

Unit 136

1 1 The doctor told him to take more exercise.

2 His boss asked/told him not to play computer
games in the office.

3 A traffic warden told him not to park his car in the
High Street.

4 Laura asked him to put some shelves up.

2 1 Andrew to take a break.

2 for forgetting the shopping.

3 singing a few songs.

4 Vicky to post a/the letter.

5 making a mistake.

6 Laura not to touch the electric wires.

3 1 The builders have promised that everything will be

ready on time.

2 The boss insists that we (have to) check the figures

3 Tom has admitted that his story wasn't completely

4 Matthew reminded Emma that her train was about
to leave.

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