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Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. Use the word in brackets.

► This is the Glasgow train, (going)
This train is going to Glasgow.

1 Scott is a resident of Washington, (lives)

2 I'm travelling to Italy as part of my job. (business)

3 Friday morning is a busy time for me. (I'm)

4 They started playing an hour ago. (been)

5 Jonathan can play tennis very well, (good)

6 I'm rather busy now. (moment)

7 We took a plane to Budapest, (air)

8 Nigel passes the newsagent's every day. (goes)

9 The company is planning to reduce the workforce, (reduction)

10 We got to our guest-house early enough for a meal, (time)

126 Prepositional verbs, e.g. wait for


A prepositional verb is a verb + preposition.

I'm waiting foryou. The dog belongs toour neighbours. The preposition always goes before the object.

not I'm waiting you for. In questions the preposition usually goes at the end of the sentence (see Unit 38).

Who are you waiting for?

Some verbs can go with a number of different prepositions.

I'm looking atthese photos. They're really good. I'm looking formy ticket. I can't find it anywhere. I'm looking after the children while their parents are out. The police are looking intothe matter.

B Some common prepositional verbs

Here are some more examples.

Yes, I agree withyou. Tom's neighbours apologized forthe noise.

I approve ofthe new scheme. I think it's a good idea.

Have you applied forthe job? The patient asked fora glass of water.

Do you believe inGod? I'm sorry, but I don't care aboutyour problems.

Lots of people care forelderly relatives. (= look after)

/ didn't care forthe film. (= like) Please concentrate onyour work.

The US consists offifty states. I can deal withany enquiries.

Claire finally decided ona holiday in Turkey.

Whether we go out will depend onthe weather. I feel likea drink. (= want)

Everyone laughed atthe joke. I was listening tothe radio.

Did you pay forthe coffee? You can't rely onthe weather forecast.

I'll see tothe matter at once. Vicky suffers fromheadaches.

We do not normally use a preposition after these verbs:

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