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C Verb and object  Просмотрен 354

An adverb does not usually go between the verb and the direct object. We put it in end position, after the object.


Tom ate his breakfast quickly.not Tom-ate-quickly his'-breakfast.
We played volleyball yesterday,
not We played yesterday volleyball.

I like classical music very much,not I like very much classical music.

But an adverb can go before a long object.

Detectives examined carefullythe contents of the dead man's pockets.

D Adverbs of manner

An adverb of manner tells us how something happens, e.g. noisily, quickly. It usually goes in end position, but an adverb which ends in ly can sometimes go in mid position. We asked permission politely.We politely asked permission.

E Adverbs of place and time

Adverbs and adverbial phrases of place and time usually go in end position.

Is there a phone box nearby?People didn't have cars then.

We're meeting by the entrance.Trevor wasn't very well last week.

Did you have a nice time in New York? I'llsee you before very long.Sometimes they can go in front position.

We're really busy this week. Last weekwe had nothing to do.

Some short adverbs of time can also go in mid position.

I'll soon find out. The train is nowapproaching Swindon. For yet, stilland alreadysee Unit 114.

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