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Each other (B)   650

David and Melanie are in love. Write sentences about them using each other.

► Melanie often writes notes to David. He also often writes notes to Melanie.
They often write notes to each other.

1 David is always thinking about Melanie. She's just the same. She's always thinking about him.

2 Melanie has got lots of photos of David. He's got lots of photos of her, too.

3 They love being together. David enjoys Melanie's company, and she enjoys David's company.

4 Melanie is crazy about David. He feels the same way. He's crazy about Melanie.

4 Each otheror a reflexive pronoun? (B and Unit 100)

Put in each other, ourselves or themselves.

? We could all do more to keep healthy. We don't look after ourselves properly.

? The hostess introduced the two guests to each other.


1 The two boxers did their best to knock................. out.

2 We talk to ................. . in French because it's the only language we both know.

3 People who talk to ........... may get strange looks from other people.

4 We'd better set off early to give ..plenty of time to get there.

5 The guards who shot a gunman claimed that they were defending

6 Luckily we managed to get two seats next to..

102 The pronoun one/ones


Trevor: Here's that bottle of mineral water you wanted. Laura: Oh, no, you've got a small one.I wanted a big one.Trevor: They didn't have any big onesat the shop on the corner. Laura: That shop never has what I want. Why didn't you go to the onein the High Street?

Here a small onemeans 'a small bottle', big onesmeans 'big bottles', and the onein the High Street means 'the shop in the High Street'. We use onefor a singular noun and onesfor a plural noun. We use oneand onesto avoid repeating a noun.

We cannot use oneor oneswith an uncountable noun, e.g. water.There was no hot water. I had to wash in cold.

B Structures with one/ones

Sometimes we can either put in one/onesor leave it out.

These bowls are nice. What about this (one)?

We can do this after this, that, theseand those;after eachor another;after which;or after a superlative, e.g. easiest.

1 don't like these sweaters. I prefer those (ones)over there.

I tried all three numbers, and each (one)was engaged.

The product is available in all these colours. Which (one)would you like?

The last question is the most difficult (one).

Sometimes we cannot leave out one/ones.

Our house is the oneon the left, not Our house is-the-on the-left. We cannot leave out one/onesafter theor everyor after an adjective.

The film wasn't as good as the onewe saw last week.

I rang all the numbers, and every onewas engaged.

I'd like a box of tissues. A small one,please.

I threw away my old trainers and bought some new ones.

C A small oneand one

Wecan say a small one, a red one,etc but not a one.

I've been looking for a coat, but I can't find a nice one.

I've been looking for a coat, but I can't find one.Here we use oneinstead of a coat.Here are some more examples.

We decided to take a taxi. Luckily there was onewaiting.

If you want a ticket, I can get onefor you.

Now look at these examples with one, some, itand them.

/ haven't got a passport, but I'll need one.(one= apassport)

/ haven't got any stamps, but I'll need some.(some = somestamps)

I've got my passport. They sent itlast week. (it= thepassport)

I've got the stamps. I put themin the drawer, (them= thestamps)

Oneand some/anyare like a,but itand they/themare like the.We use oneand some/anywhen we arent saying which, and we use itand they/themto be specific (when we know which).


102 Exercises

One (A) Look at the pictures and complete the conversations.

► Emma: Can you lend me a pen, please?
Matthew: Do you want a blue one or a black one ?
Emma: Oh, a blue one, please.

Mark: I might buy a new jacket.

Sarah: Do you mean .................. ...?

Mark: Oh,..................... for when I go on holiday.

! Jessica: Could you pass me one of those saucepans, please?

Andrew: Do you need............. ?

Jessica: .................. , please.

► Sarah: Could I have a small envelope?

Secretary: Yes, of course................. ...?

Sarah: .................... , please. Thanks.

4 Vicky: I'm looking for a toothbrush, but I can't find any.

Assistant: Do you mean .....?

Vicky: Oh,

One and ones (A-C)

Rewrite the sentences in brackets so that the noun is not repeated. Use one or ones.

► These cups are nice. Each one is hand-painted. (Each cup is hand-painted.)

1 I need to fill in a form about my driving test, but.......... . (I haven't got a form.)

2 I've watched all these videos. .................. (I must get some new videos.)

3 These photos are good..................... (Have you seen this photo?)

4 I need a dinner-jacket for the party, so ...................... (I've hired a dinner-jacket.)

5 Those socks are horrible........................ (Can't you find any nice socks?)

6 This map isn't very good................ .... (The map in the car is better.)

3 One, some, it and them (C)

Put in one, some, it or them.

► I don't know if I'll need any money. I'd better take some, I suppose.

1 If you need an umbrella, I can lend you .......... .

2 The radio isn't working. Vicky dropped on the floor.

3 I'm having a biscuit. Would you like .. , too?

4 I had the matches a minute ago, and now I can't find.

5 I haven't got any computer disks, but Emma has got

 :B Each other  :Everyone, something, etc
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