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E A friend of mine   830

Look at these examples.

Tom is a friend of mine.(= one of my friends) not a friend of me

Rachel came to the party with a cousin of hers.(= one of her cousins)

I borrowed some magazines of yours.(= some of your magazines) Note also 's in this example: Rita is a friend of Melanie's.

92 Exercises

1 My, your,etc and mine, yours,etc (A)

Complete the conversation. Put in the missing words.

Laura: Did you and (►) your friends have a nice holiday?

Emma: Yes, it was wonderful. We had the best holiday of (1) lives.

It didn't start very well, though. Daniel forgot to bring (2). passport.

Laura: Oh, dear. So what happened?
Emma: Well, luckily he doesn't live far from the airport. He rang (3) parents,

and they brought the passport over in (4)car, just in time.

Laura: You remembered (5) , I hope.

Emma: Yes, I had (6).. , even though I'm usually the one who forgets things.

Actually Rachel thought for a minute that she'd lost (7)

Luckily it was in (8)... suitcase. Anyway, in the end we had a marvellous time.

2 Itsand it's (B)

Put in the correct form.

? Unfortunately, the town has lost its only cinema.

? The meeting won't last long. I'll see you when it's over.


1 You should return the book toowner immediately.

2 We'd like to go out for a walk, but raining.

3 I'm not buying this tablecloth because.. got a hole in it.

4 The board has decided that Zedco needs to improve.. image.

3Parts of the body and clothes (C)

Put in my, your, etc or the.

? I was doing keep-fit exercises when I fell down and hurt my leg.

? Matthew served, and the ball hit Daniel on the knee.


1 A wasp stung me on..

neck. It really hurt.

2 The mother put both .......... arms around the child.

3 Aunt Joan kissed Emma on . cheek.

4 The fans were all shouting at the top of.. voices.

5 Don't just stand there with ..hands in. pockets.

My own, a friend of mine,etc (D-E)

Correct the sentences which have a mistake.

► We're lucky. We've got an-own-garden.
We've got our own garden.

1 I met some nice people. Harriet introduced me to -a fricnd-of-hefsetf.

2 My friends swim every day. They've got their only pool.

3 I enjoy rock-climbing, It's a favourite hobby-to me.

4 I hope Matthew will be here, I've got some-GDs-from his.

5 I don't want to share. I'd like-my very room

93 The possessive form and of


We use the possessive of a noun in phrases like the boy's name and Vicky's room. We form the possessive like this.

Singular noun: 's boy -> boy's Vicky -> Vicky's

Plural noun ending in s: ' boys > boys' tourists ~> tourists'

Plural noun not ending in s: 's men > men's children > children's

We can use the possessive form with another noun or on its own.

I've met Rachel's family,but I haven't met Vicky's. (Vicky's - Vicky's family)

B The boy's name orthe name of the boy?

Compare these structures.


the boy'sname the name of the boy

the boys'names the names of the boys

the men'snames the names of the men

Sometimes we can use either the possessive (the boy's name) or a phrase with of (the name of the boy), but often only one is possible. We normally use the possessive with people and animals.

my friend's house Claire'sidea Daniel'sbrother our neighbour'sgarden thedog's owner

the policemen's uniforms thewomen's changing room the Parkers'car

We normally use of with things, and not the possessive form. the side of the houseNOT the house's side the result of the matchnot the match's result the day of the meetingnot the meeting's day

But we use of with people when there is a long phrase. the house of one of our teachers at collegethe address of those people we met in Spain

not those people who we met in Spain's address

We can use both structures for places and organizations. London's museums or the museums of London the earth'satmosphere or the atmosphere of the earth the company'sfuture or the future of the company the government'sintentions OR the intentions of the government

C The possessive of time

We can use the possessive to say 'when' or 'how long'.

last week's concert today'sTV programmes yesterday'snews about a month'swork a moment'ssilence ten minutes'walk

Note also:

in two months' time (two months from now) a week's wages (wages for a week)


93 Exercises

The possessive form (A) Write descriptions of the things in the photos. Use boy, girl and children and these words: bike, cat, dog, skateboards, tent, trophies

the children's dog 3 .................

1.. 4 .................

2.. 5 .

2 The possessive form (A)

Laura is showing Melanie her photos. Put in the possessive form of the nouns. Laura: This was taken in (►) my friend's (my friend) garden.

It was (1) ....................... (the twins) birthday party.

This is Kerry, (2) .............. (Luke) girlfriend.

And that's (3) ....................... (Jason) sister Emily.

Melanie: And who are these two?

Laura: That's (4)............ (Debbie) mother.

She's talking to Monica Davis, (5) .(her children) teacher.

And that's (6)................ (the Lanskys) dog

sitting on (7)..................... (Olivia) foot.

3 The boy's name or the name of the boy? (B)

Ed Buckman writes detective stories. Here are the titles of some of his stories. Write the titles using either of or a possessive form (with s or s').

? the mistake / the policeman The Policeman's Mistake

? the bottom / the bottle The Bottom of the Bottle


1 the gun / Mr Hillman

2 the smell / blood

3 the car / the terrorist

4 the middle / the night

5 the death / someone important

6 the money / the gangsters

4 The possessive of time (C)

Rewrite the underlined phrases using a possessive form.

? The prices this year are even lower. This year's prices

? From here it's a drive of two hours. a two hours' drive


1 I read about it in the paper yesterday

2 I just want a rest for five minutes.

3 It's the special offer for this month.

4 I'll see you in a week.

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