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Mark: Why have you brought yourwork home? We're going out.

Sarah: /'// do it later. Let's go now. Shall we take mycar?

Mark: Well, I'd rather not take mine.I think there's something wrong with it.

My, mine, your,etc express possession and similar meanings. My carmeans the car belonging to me; your workmeans the work you are doing. My comes before a noun, e.g. my car.We use mineon its own.


First person singular: It's mycar. It's mine.

Second person singular: Here's yourcoat. Here's yours.

Third person singular: That's hisroom. That's his.

It's hermoney. It's hers.

The dog's got itsfood.

First person plural: That's ourtable. That's ours.

Second person plural: Are these yourtickets? Are these yours?

Third person plural: It's their camera. It's theirs.

B Itsand it's

We use itsbefore a noun to express the idea of belonging.

The street is around here somewhere, but I've forgotten itsname.

It'sis a short form of it isor it has.

I think it'stime to go. (= it is) It's got a lot colder today, hasn't it? (= it has)

C My, yourwith parts of the body and clothes

We normally use my, your,etc with parts of the body and with someone's clothes.

Emma shook herhead sadly, not Emma-shook-the-head sadly.

Someone came up behind me and grabbed myarm.

You must take off yourshoes before you enter a mosque. But we usually use thein the following structure with a prepositional phrase.


Someone grabbed me by thearm.

The stone hit Mike on thehead.

D Own

We use ownafter my, your,etc to say that something belongs to us and to no one else. Rachel has got her owncalculator. She doesn't borrow mine, not an-own calkulator I don't share any more. I've got a flat of my own.not of mine own

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