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After quite, suchand whatwe can use a phrase with a/an,e.g. a game. There is often an adjective as well, e.g. such a goodteam.

B Very, quite, rather,etc

A/angoes before very, fairly, really,etc.

It's a very old house. It's a fairlylong walk.

I made a reallystupid mistake. But a/anusually goes after quite.

It's quite an old house. There was quite acrowd . A/ancan go either before or after rather.

It's a rather old house, or It's rather anold house.

We can also use very, quite, rather,etc + adjective + plural or uncountable noun. They're very old houses.This is quite nice coffee.

C So and such a


The structure is be + so+ adjective. The test was so easy.not It was a so easy test. The hill was so steep.It's so inconvenient without a car.

The weather is so nice.Tom's jokes are so awful.


The structure is such+ a/an(+ adjective) + noun. It was such an easy test.NOT it-was a such easy test. It was such a steep hill.It's such a nuisance without a car.

We can also use such+ an adjective + a plural or uncountable noun.

We're having such nice weather.

Tom tells such awful jokes.

Note these sentences with long, far, many/muchand a lot of.

It's so long since I saw you. It's such a long timesince I saw you.

Why are we so farfrom the beach? It's such a long wayto the beach.

There were so manypeople. There were such a lotof people.

You waste so muchtime. You waste such a lotof time.

We can use this structure with so... (that) or such ... (that).

Emma was soangry with Matthew Vicky got sucha nice welcome (that) she

(that) she threw a plate at him. almost cried.

I was sounlucky you wouldn't believe it. I had suchbad luck you wouldn't believe it.

D What a

In an exclamation we can use what a/anwith a singular noun and whatwith a plural or uncountable noun I

+ singular noun: What a goal! What agood idea!

+ plural noun: What lovely flowers! Whatnice shoes you've got on!

+ uncountable noun: What rubbish! Whatfun we had!

116 Quiteand rather

89 Exercises

Very, quite, rather, so,etc (B-C)

What do you say in these situations?

? You're telling someone about the show you saw. It was quite good.
You should go and see it. It's quite a good show.

? You are describing Harriet to someone who doesn't know her. She is fairly tall.
Well, Harriet is a fairly tall woman.

1 You're talking about the Savoy Hotel, which is very grand.

Yes, I know the Savoy. It's.......................

2 You are talking about your journey. It was quite tiring.

I travelled a long way. It was........................

3 You are telling someone about Claire's flat. It's really big.

I've been to Claire's place. It's.........................

4 You are telling a friend about your meal with Tom. It was quite nice.

We went to that new restaurant. We had.........................

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