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Was going to (B)   1392

Trevor is always making excuses for not doing things. Complete his sentences.

► put up the shelves / not have any screws

Sorry. I was going to put up the shelves, but I didn't have any screws.

1 paint the door / not feel very well

Sorry. .......................

2 repair the lamp / forget
Oh, yes.

3 wallpaper the bedroom / not have time


30 Review of the future

A Introduction


I'm going to New York next week. I'm about topick up my ticket. I'm going to dosome shopping on Fifth Avenue. I need some new clothes, and I'll be buyingsome Christmas presents, too. I'm only there for two days, so if II bea big rush.

There are many different ways of talking about the future in English. Often more than one form is possible.

I'll be buying some Christmas presents, too.

I'm going to buy some Christmas presents, too.

B Talking about the future

How we express future time depends on how we see a future event. Here are some ways of talking about what we think will happen

in the future.


Something that will be over in the future The sales will have finishedby Saturday. Intentions and plans We often want to talk about our decisions and intentions and what we plan to do in the future.

The neutral future A prediction

A prediction based on the present A less certain prediction

The very near future

A future action over a period

An instant decision (deciding now)

An intention (something already decided) A less certain decision or intention

A past intention

An arrangement

In the course of events

An official arrangement

A timetable

The sun will riseat 5.45 am tomorrow.

Claire's trip will bea big rush.

Claire's trip is going to bea big rush.

I'm going to besick!

I think it'll becold in New York.

It's probably going to becold in New York.

Claire is about to pickup her ticket.

Claire will be shoppingnon-stop for two days.

It's a lovely coat. It fits perfectly.

Yes, I'll buyit.

I'm going to dosome shopping.

I think I'll buythis hat, too.

I might goto a show.

I was going to buya guidebook, but I forgot.

I'm flying to New York next week.

I'll be buying some presents, too.

The President is to addressthe nation tonight.

I'm in New York for two days next week.

30 Exercises

1 Will, will be doingand will have done(B)

Complete the live news report. Put in will and the simple, continuous or perfect form of the verb.

The Quiz Marathon (►) will begin (begin) in five minutes. (1) (it / be) a big test

for the World Quiz Champion, Claude Jennings, (2). (who / answer) questions

from a group of quiz writers. Claude (3)............... . ... (answer) their questions for a very long

time. In fact, (4).. (he / still / give) answers when the rest of us are in bed

tonight. Claude hopes that after 24 hours (5).............. .. (he / reply) to about seventeen

thousand questions. No meal breaks are planned, so (6).. (he / not / eat) anything.

If all goes well, his name (7)........... (be) in the next Guinness Book of Records. Claude

has also got a number of sponsors, and by tomorrow (8) ........... (he / earn) at least

£10,000 for charity. Well, (9). (we / return) this afternoon for news of how Claude

is getting on. We think that by then (10). (he / get) some way past the five

thousandth question.

2 The future (B-C)

Whatdo these people say? Pay special attention to the underlined words. ► Tom is predicting a win for United in their next game. Tom: United will win their next game.

1 Andrew intends to get up early tomorrow.

Andrew: I................................

2 Vicky's train timetable says 'Arrival 10.30'.

Vicky: The train .......................

3 Daniel has arranged to see his bank manager tomorrow.

4 Rachel willgo out in the very near future.
Rachel: ..

5 There's a crowd of demonstrators in the main square of the capital. The police are arriving. Reporter
Kitty Beamish is predicting trouble.


3The future (B-C)

Complete the conversation. In each sentence choose the best form of the verb to express the future.

Usually more than one answer is possible.

Mark: Hello, Claire. Sarah tells me (►) you're going (you /go) to New York.

Claire: Yes, (1) .. (I / spend) a couple of days there next week.

(2) (I / look) round the shops.

Mark: (3) (that / be) exciting.

Claire: Exhausting, you mean. I think (4) .. (I / be) pretty tired when I get back.

Mark: (5) (you / stay) with friends?
Claire: No, (6)................ (I / stay) at a hotel near Central Park. But

(7) (I / see) my friends. (8) (I / go) to their

apartment for a meal one evening. And it isn't definite yet, but

(9) .................. (we / see) a show.

Mark: And when (10)............ (you / leave)?

Claire: My flight (11)... (be) on Tuesday morning.

Mark: OK, (12) .. ................. (I / see) you when you get back then.

Test 7 The future (Units 23-30)

Test 7A

Read the telephone conversation. Then look at the answers below and write the correct answer

in each space.

Amy: When (►) will I see you again?

Simon: I don't know. I'm (1) .......... ........ to be busy this week. And I'll

(2). ........................ going to London on Saturday.

Amy: Oh. But you (3). be here for my party, won't you?

Simon: No, I (4) get back until Sunday evening.

Amy: 1(5) ... going to invite you.

Simon: Well, I'm sorry I can't come.

Amy: What (6). you doing in London?

Simon: Oh, I'm just going (7) ............ see one or two people. Look, I must go.

I'm cooking something that I think is (8) ... to boil over.

► a) am b) do c) going d) will 5 a) be b) have c) was d) wi

1 a) being b) going c) shall d) will 6 a) are b) going c) to d) wi!

2 a) be b) do c) for d) to 7 a) be b) for c) is d) to

3 a) are b) do c) was d) will 8 a) about b) might c) probably d) wi]

4 a) about b) aren't c) be d) don't

Test 7B

Some of these sentences are correct, and some have a word which should not be there.

If the sentence is correct, put a tick (/). If it is incorrect, cross the unnecessary word out of the

sentence and write it in the space.

? They're probably going to knock the building down. V

? We are be going to get a dog soon. be


1 The bus is leaves at eight twenty.

2 The doors of the theatre are about to open.

3 The meeting will be start at half past seven.

4 The festival is for to take place in June.

5 My friend will be calling here tomorrow morning.

6 We were going to eat in the restaurant, but it was full.

7 I have to register for my course before the classes will begin.

8 I will to have finished lunch by two o'clock.

Test 7C

Put in a form of the verb. Use the future continuous (will be doing), the future perfect {will have done) or was/were going to.

► It's quite a long way, isn't it? We'// have walked (walk) about five miles by the time we get back, I'd say.

1 It'll be better if you don't ring at one o'clock. We.. ... (have) lunch then.

2 I. (drive) over and see you, but there's something wrong with the car.

3 I've got loads of work. I expect I ........................ (work) all night. And I'm not looking

forward to it.

4 I'll have much more time next week because I.. (do) all my exams then.

5 We (buy) that computer game, but they don't make it for the kind of
computer we've got.

6 I know you'll put on a wonderful show. You .............. (have) so much practice by the

time you perform it that it's sure to be brilliant.

 :Will be doing  :Have got
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