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Complete the sentences. Put in the correct form of each verb. Use the past continuous or past simple. ► When Martin arrived (arrive) home, Anna was talking (talk) to someone on the phone. Martin started (start) to get the tea.

1 I. (lie) in the bath when the phone. (ring).
It (stop) after a few rings.

2 I t (be) cold when we ........... ... (leave) the house that day, and

alight snow.. (fall).

3 Your friend who.. ........................ (come) here the other day ............ . (seem)

very nice. I.. ............... (enjoy) meeting her.

4 When I (see) the man, he................... (stand) outside the bank.

He (have) a black baseball cap on.

5 When I. ... (open) the cupboard door, a pile of books
(fall) out.

6 I (walk) along the street when I suddenly.. (feel)
something hit me in the back. I (not / know) what it was.

We. (go) to London yesterday, but on the way

We.. (hear) about a bomb scare in Oxford Street. So

We (drive) back home straightaway.

8 Something very strange ... (happen) to me on my way home from work
yesterday afternoon. I .. (drive) along the bypass at the time. Suddenly

I. (see) my mother in the seat beside me. But she died three years ago.


11 The present perfect (1)

The present perfect tells us about the past and the present.

The aircraft has landed means that the aircraft is on the ground now.

B Form

The present perfect is the present tense of have+ a past participle.

I/you/we/they have washedor I/you/we/they've washedhe/she/it has washedor he/she/it's washed


I/you/we/they haven't washed have I/you/we/they washed?

he/she/it hasn't washed has he/she/it washed?

Regular past participles end in ed,e.g. washed, landed, finished.We've washedthe dishes. Haveyou openedyour letter? The aircraft has landedsafely. How many points hasMatthew scored?The students haven't finishedtheir exams.

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