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IV. Выберите правильный ответ.  Просмотрен 539

1. There ... three sheep in the yard.

a) is, b) was, c) has been, d) are.

2. The concert is ... over.

a) near, b) nearly, c) about, d) always.

3. What are you looking ... ?— Gloves, I can't find them.

a) on, b) at, c) f6r, d) of.

4. I like the idea. It sounds ... to me.

a) good, b) well, c) bad, d) badly.

5. Nothing could make her ... her mind.

a) change, b) changing, c) to change, d) to have changed.

6. When ... the road look left, then right.

a) cross, b) to cross, c) crossing, d) to be crossing.

7. She is happy ... the final examination successfully.

a) to pass, b) to be passing, c) to be passed, d) to have passed.

8. Has ... happened? She looks upset.

a) something, b) anything, c) nothing, d) somewhat.

9. They watched the car ... at the entrance.

a) stop, b) stopped, c) to stop, d) to have stopped.

10. Jane is known ... the first prize in the competition.

a) to win, b) to be won, c) to have won, d) winning.

11. We did not... ask her twice, she agreed at once.

a) can, b) ought to, c) have to, d) must.

12. How ... pages have you read?

a) much, b) many, c) more, d) most.

13. Judy came 5 minutes ... than her husband.

a) late, b) later, c) latest, d) least.

14. Ann suggested ... to the concert.

a) to go, b) to be going, c) going, d) to have gone.

15. If I were you I... the book.

a) bought, b) have bought, c) will buy, d) would buy.

16. We didn't know their address ... .

a) also, b) too, c) either, d) neither.

17. The children promised to call their parents as soon as they ... .

a) arrive, b) will arrive, c) arrived, d) would arrive.

18. It ... three years since we last met.

a) is, b) was, c) has been, d) have been.

19. They ... by 5.

a) have returned, b) had returned, c) returned, d) has returned.

20. Nobody knew where ... at the moment.

a) she is, b) she has been, c) she was, d) had been.

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