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Exercise 28. Role play: "Survey of Peoples Shopping Habits" Setting: Lec..  Просмотрен 499

Role play: "Survey of People's Shopping Habits"

Setting: Lecture room in the University of Trade Manage­ment.

Situation: A group of psychologists are invited to a students' class with a talk. They ask questions about shopping habits to demonstrate the fact that people fall under different customer categories. Then they analyse answers and decide which description fits every stu­dent best. Finally they report their results to the class.

I. You are a Fun Shopper.

You enjoy it. You go shopping with your friends.

II. You are a Practical Shopper.

You get the best and the cheapest.

III. You are a Reluctant Shopper.

You hate doing it!

Find out:

whether they enjoy shopping and why/why not;

what things they like/hate to shop for the best/worst;

what kind of stores they like the most, why;

whether they like window-shopping, shopping around;

whether they enjoy lookingfor baigains;

what they think first about: the price, the quality, the name;

whether they take advice from shop assistants, friends, family, nobody;

whether they go shopping alone or with friends;

whether they spend their money on "things" or on enter­tainment;

if they had an unlimited supply of money, how they would spend it;

if they had less money and had to buy fewer things what they would stop buying.


Card I — The head of the group of psychologists, who opens and closes the discussion.

Cards II—V — Psychologists who ask questions and make conclusions.

Cards VI—XI — Students who give answers to the questions.

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