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Exercise 2. Pronounce the words and phases where the following clusters occur. 1...  Просмотрен 446

Pronounce the words and phases where the following clusters occur.

1. consonant + D

On the cover, and these shoes, in the full-length mirror, in­side the shop, when the princess, in the back, and their skin, had that, found these books, in the clothes.

2. plosive + 1

Black, at least, bless, fibreglass, blonde, blue, closed, plati­num, impatiently, and looked, at London, people, ploughed.

3. plosive + r

Cream, primrose, tried, drink, princess, driven, screamed, and red, promised, would read, improve, crossing.

4. plosive + plosive

And placed, fitted perfectly, take both, and big, laughed behind, what bodies, bodyguard turned.

5. consonant + w

Job would be safe, card which, this week's, suede, coat which, cost one, just one, quickly, returned with, it was, it would.

Exercise 3

Pronounce after the announcer avoiding false assimilation. Comment on the phonetic phenomena.

This season's suit, as featured, as though, is so beautiful, as the car, was staying, was so tiring.

Exercise 4

Transcribe the following compound words.

Green-coloured, red-haired, toffee-brown, bodyguard, mid­dle-aged.

Exercise 5

Transcribe and intone the following exclamatory sentences.

How \funny "English "people "are, | she 'thought, | with their 'wobbly \faces | and 'big \noses | and their \skin! || What \bodies they "had! ||

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