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Exercise 3. Write a short essay on one of the following topics. 1. Buying Delicac..  Просмотрен 1016

Write a short essay on one of the following topics.

1. Buying Delicacies Gives the Greatest Pleasure When One Hasn't Got Enough Money.

2. Shopping for Food — a Boring Routine or a Revealing Ex­perience?

3. Why I Always Buy Food in the Same Place.

4. The Main Principles I Observe When I Shop for Food.

5. Why Men and Women Have Different Styles of Shopping for Food.


Punctuation (continued from page 82).

A colon is put:

1) before an enumeration (e.g. The reasons are as follows: we haven't prepared well enough, the circumstances are unfa­vourable and there is no help);

2) between clauses when the second clause is an explanation or an extension of the first one (e.g. Some things we can, and others we cannot do: we can walk, but we cannot fly);

3) before a short quotation (e.g. Always remember the ancient maxim: Know thyself).

A semicolon is put:

1) between asyndetic coordinate clauses in complex sentences (e.g. He was the only guest present who had never met her; he decided that matters would be easier if he walked up and introduced himself);

2) between extended homogeneous parts of the sentence, par­ticularly if there are other punctuation marks within them (e.g. I thought that we had to act quickly; that we had to do something, to get the information). (to be continued on page 198).


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