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1. President Chirac prepared yesterday to fly to France's Mururoa nuclear test atollin the Pacific.

2. I believe that TV is the least effective war reporting mediabecause it presents images rather than a whole story.

3. Worried councillors in North Wales have called a public meeting to discuss the extent of radioactive pollution from Sellafield along the coast. The meeting was called by Gwynned county council's public protection committeeafter councillors heard reports of the high risk of radioactivity in the Irish sea. ("MS")

4. The Evening Star's aggressive salesmen gobbled up more than half of the burgeoning metropolitan area's lucrative newspaper advertising market.("Nsw.")

5. Scepticism is growing in Europe over the feasibility of meeting the Soviet Union's huge food aid request,given disarray in the economy and the transfer of power to the republics. ("G.")

6. His school draws about 600 day pupils from 13 villages. Many of his boarders are service children,sometimes two of the same family. Their costs are covered by the Ministry of Defense's boarding school allowances.("G.")

7. The British Pest Control Associationwarned in a report that pests carried a "devastating range of diseases," but hospital pest control budgetswere being squeezed. ("MS")

8. A crisis meetingis being held in London next Monday between secretaries of the printing trade unionsand the proprietors of the Daily Sketch.

9. Glasgow faces evening paper closure crisis,their guessed, but unknown perils.

10. A Government bid to attract more fast-spending foreign touriststo Britain by improving hotels was revealed in the Commons yesterday in the second day of the four-day Budget debate. A new country-wide scheme of grants for hotel extensions and improvements was


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