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The gerundial predicative constructions  Просмотрен 924

§ 135. The gerundial predicative construction is a predicative com­plex in which the nominal part is generally a noun/noun-pronoun in the possessive case or a possessive pronoun. Sometimes, however, it may be a noun/noun-pronoun in the common case or a personal pronoun in the objective case. The construction may function as different parts of the sentence:

1.Subject. It is used either with or without the introductoryit.

Your doing nothing won’t help anybody.

Isit worth while your quarrelling all the time?



The only way out will be his taking the job.

3.Object. The construction may be either a direct objectto a verb or an indirect non-recipient object to a verb or adjective.


She liked his worrying about his wife.

He insisted on my claims being acknowledged.

4.Attribute. The construction is generally used with the preposition of, althougt other prepositions are also possible.


The prospect of someone else getting a job moved them to strong moral indignation.

5.Adverbial modifier:


a) of time.

After his being away for some time the crisis came.


b) of attendant circumstances.


The car slid away without my having to say anything.


c) of concession.

In spite of it being cold the bushes swarmed with insects.


In this function the construction is always introduced by a preposition.

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