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Unit 3


NB! Information for self-study


Look at the words, their definitions and examples. Work out their translations:


Definition Example Translation
bargainn. something on sale at a lower price than its true value This coat was half-price, a real bargain. The airline regularly offers last-minute bookings at bargain prices.  
mortgage (mortgage payment)n. an agreement which allows you to borrow money from a bank or similar organization, esp. in order to buy a house or apartment, or the amount of money itself If you fail to repay the mortgage, the bank will repossess your house. They took out a £40 000 mortgage (= They borrowed £40 000) to buy the house.  
refund v, n to return the sum of money in exchange of the already bought goods When the holiday trip was cancelled, the travel agency refunded everybody the price of the tickets. I returned the useless radio to the shop where I bought it and got a refund.  
receiptn. C a piece of paper which proves that money, goods or information have been received Make sure you are given a receipt for everything you buy. Shops will not normally give you a refund for goods unless you show them a receipt.  
rip off phrasal verb infml. to cheat (someone) by charging them too much money We didn't know how much it was likely to cost and they just rippedusoff. Everybody else is paying less - I think we've been ripped off.  

Topic Vocabulary Exercises

Exercise 1

Explain the difference between the following words. Consult an English-English dictionary:

· cash / currency –


· account / bill / check / receipt–


· checking (current) account / savings account –


· to change money / to exchange money –


· to deposit / to invest –


· to save / to collect –


· to withdraw / to overdraw –


· exchange rate / interest rate –


· bond / stock –


· interest / percentage –


· to loan / to lend / to borrow –


· rich, wealthy / prosperous –


· poor / bankrupt / broke –


· bargain / rip off –


· economic / economical –


· cost of living / standard of living –


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