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Exercise 1, Unit 4. FOOD & DRINKS NB! Information for self-study Loo..  Просмотрен 109

Unit 4.


NB! Information for self-study


Look at the words, their definitions and examples. Work out their translations:


Definition Example Translation
canteen BrE/ cafeteria AmEn. a small place in a factory, office, college, etc. where food and meals are sold, often at a lower than usual price. The food in the college cafeteria is so tasteless that I never eat it.    
cinnamonn. a piece of bark of a tropical tree, or a brown powder made from this, used as a spice to give a particular taste to esp. sweet food A cinnamon stick placed in a container of sugar gives it a pleasant flavour. Sprinkle the top of the cake with cinnamon.  
game n. U. wild animals and birds that are hunted for food or sport Rabbit is my favouritegame. Game birds have a particularly strong taste.  
lard n. a soft white creamy substance made from pig fat. It is used in cooking. The Ukraine is famous for itslard.  
prawn n. a small edible pink sea animal with a shell and ten legs. Prawns have a thin flat body and a long tail and are similar to shrimps but bigger. We had a delicious prawn cocktail for the first course. I prefer prawnsto any other seafood.    

Topic Vocabulary Exercises


Exercise 1

Explain the difference between the following words. Consult an English-English dictionary:

· fowl / game –


· butter / oil –


· fat / lard –


· lobster / prawn / shrimp –


· cereal / porridge –


· grapes / raisin –


· noodle / pasta –


· to bake / to grill / to roast –

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