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Answer the following questions. Use such expressions as  Просмотрен 25

I think / suppose / consider / believe / guess…

In my opinion…

As (far as) I remember / know / understand…

The matter / trouble / problem is…

Frankly speaking…

To tell the truth…

I'm inclined to think…

1. When were Oxford and Cambridge universities established?

2. What do Oxford and Cambridge universities consist of?

3. What does each college have?

4. What is there within a college?

5. What must students pay for?

6. Do many students get grants?

7. What system are Oxford and Cambridge universities known all over the world for?

8. What kind of clubs and societies do the universities have?


Our University

4.1. Answer the questions.

1. What do you know about our University, its history and traditions?

2. When was the MSTU founded?

3. Was it difficult for you to enter the Technical University? Why?

4. In what way is university life different from school life?

5. Do you like the system of education at our University? Why? What would you like to change in the educational system of our University?

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