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The Long Way Round   152


(25) What you think?


(26) Ive seen her two days ago.


(27) Im sorry, but you arent let to smoke here.


(28) Im often getting up at 6 oclock.


(29) Remember, you mustnt come if you dont want to.




Functional language

E Complete 3033 with words and phrases from the box.

to the train station, please? if I sit here?

one pound, please. go to the train station?


(30) Do you mind ____

(31) Does this bus ____

(32) Can I have a single ____

(33) Thatll be ____



F Complete the conversation with the questions and sentences from exercise E.

Man: Excuse me! (34) _______________

Bus driver: Yes, we go there.

Man: Great. Can I have (35) _______________

Bus driver: Certainly. (36) _______________

Man: Excuse me! (37) _______________

Woman: No, no, not at all.



G Choose the correct response for each question.

(38) What does your boyfriend look like?

a) Hes tall and has wavy brown hair.

b) Skiing and going to the cinema with me.

c) Hes clever and very polite.

(39) What is your boyfriend like?

a) Hes tall and has wavy brown hair.

b) Skiing and going to the cinema with me.

c) Hes clever and very polite.


(40) What does your boyfriend like?

a) Hes tall and has wavy brown hair.

b) Skiing and going to the cinema with me.

c) Hes clever and very polite.



Part 1

[Track 7] You are going to hear five short recordings. Listen and choose the correct answer for each one.

(1) Which of these is not true?

a) She never lies. b) Shes 17. c) She lies about her age.


(2) Which question is the speaker answering?

a) What does he look like? b) What is he like? c) What does he like?


(3) Which of these sentences is not true?

a) The train to Oxford leaves from platform 2.

b) The train at 12.40 is to Oxford.

c) The train on platform 1 goes to London.


(4) Which of these sentences is true?

a) Guests can stay all night.

b) Youre not allowed to smoke in the kitchen.

c) You have to turn off your TV at midnight.


(5) Who lives in the house?

a) Linda b) Gary c) Stan


Part 2

[Track 8] Listen to the conversation between Adam and Janet and decide if the sentences are true (T), false (F) or if there is no information (N).

(6) Adam has a favourite place. T F N

(7) He likes the fact that travelling is full of surprises. T F N

(8) He didnt buy a ticket for the trip up river. T F N

(9) Adam can speak Spanish. T F N

(10) He had to walk through the jungle. T F N


Part 1

Read the article and complete 15 with phrases from the box. There are three extra phrases.

be myself I could see I couldnt believe I dont see myself

I consider myself Im proud to be make a first impression people consider


Being famous can be a real problem.

Its not that I dont like being famous, its just that it means

people have expectations about you, even when theyve never met you before. Most people have a chance

to (1) _______________ but when youre famous you often dont have that opportunity. I mean,

(2) _______________ to be honest, reliable and friendly and yet that doesnt seem to be the impression

that strangers have of me. I guess its because they think of me more as the characters I play in films

and that annoys me.

A woman once came up to me in the street and said, You are really nasty. and then walked away. I just stood there completely shocked, but (3) _______________ my wife smiling. All evening she kept on saying to me, Now, dont be nasty.

Its as though I lead a double life. On TV or in films Im one person, and this is the public one that

(4) _______________ to be the real me, and then at home theres the other me, the one that only my close friends and family really know. I guess thats why my private life is so important to me and why Im very close to my family.

Its a shame really, but Ive been thinking about moving to Los Angeles. At least there I wont be the only famous person and maybe people will leave me alone. Its a bit annoying because

(5) _______________ as being any different from most people. I have a family I love, a job a really enjoy and I just want to be left alone to live my life.


Part 2

Read the article below and decide if the sentences are true (T), false (F) or if there is no information given (NG).

(6) Charley Boorman realised that it was possible to ride from Europe to Alaska. T F NG

(7) In the beginning they rode home every evening for the night. T F NG

(8) On several occassions they slept alongside the road in tents. T F NG

(9) Travelling in Mongolia was the most challenging part of the trip as there were no roads to ride on.


(10) In Siberia their journey took them along the Road of Bones.



The Long Way Round

The Long Way Round tells the story of an epic journey and an amazing adventure. It follows Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman as they try to ride all the way round the world on their motorbikes. Starting in London on 14 April 2004 they spend three and a half months travelling through Europe, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, across the Pacific Ocean to Alaska, and then down through Canada and across the USA all the way to New York.

The journey started as a dream when Ewan noticed that it was possible to ride from Europe through Russia all the way to Alaska. Picking up the phone he called his best friend and asked him to come over for dinner. Once Charley arrived, Ewan tried to persuade him to join him in the adventure of a lifetime. It didnt take much to persuade Charley to go.

After months of preparation they set off and rode through Belgium and Germany. In the beginning it was like any other bike ride except that rather than going home for the night they had more than 20,000 miles of road ahead of them. From Ukraine they crossed into Kazakhstan where they travelled across some of the most difficult roads they could imagine. However, worse was to come in Mongolia where the roads simply didnt exist and then in Siberia where they rode the length of the Road of Bones.

The programme captures some of the most interesting moments and gives us a good idea of what the journey was like. It shows Ewan and Charley riding through some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world and takes us with them on the adventure of a lifetime.




A friend of yours wants to visit England. Your uncle lives in London so you wrote and asked if your friend could stay with him. Your uncle agreed and said he would meet your friend at the airport, but he asked you to write and tell him about your friend first. Write a letter to your uncle. Include information about what your friend looks like, his/her personality, and his/her interests and preferences. Write about 120150 words.



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