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Everyone admired Liz for her great bravery in a dangerous situation. BRAVE  Просмотрен 113

I expected my last lesson to be boring, but actually it was very in t e r e s t i n g.

1I think it’s important to be generous – it’s much better than being m _ _ _ .

2Ted is always so negative about things. Why can’t he be more p _ _ _ _ _ _ _?

3Some people think my brother’s a bit lazy, but in fact he’s very h _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

4Samantha is usually in a good mood, but yesterday she was quite g _ _ _ _ _ .


2 Complete the sentences with the prepositions in the box. There are two extra prepositions.

about at for in on to with

0 Are you interested in fashion?

1I’m not very keen sport. I prefer indoor activities.

2My younger brother is obsessed football. He plays it all the time.

3Tom is really good music – he plays three instruments!

4Rick is passionate riding motorbikes. He loves them!


3 Complete the sentences with the negative form of the adjectives in the box. Add un-, in- or dis-. There are two extra adjectives.

communicative cooperative helpful honest kind responsible sensitive

0 It’s unkind to say negative things about other people.

1The staff in the store were quite when I complained. They said there was nothing they could do.

2Ben’s teachers think he’s a bit because he doesn’t talk very much.

3 It’s to say things that aren’t true.

4 You shouldn’t have talked about pets just after her cat has died. I think you were a bit .


4 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in capitals.

Everyone admired Liz for her great bravery in a dangerous situation. BRAVE

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