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Patient Symptoms  Просмотрен 415

· I’ve got a high temperature.

· I feel really rough. I’m shattered/exhausted.

· Could you check my blood pressure? I’ve got high blood pressure.

· There’s a sharp pain here. I’ve got a pain in my limbs.

· I feel dizzy. I’ve got a kidney problem. I’ve lost weight.

· I always feel bad after meals. I’ve got a stomach ache.

· I’ve got a splitting headache. I often have nosebleeds.

· I have diarrhoea. I’ve lost my appetite.

· I’ve got circulation problems. I sweat all night.

· My ears are buzzing. I’ve got an upset stomach.

· I’ve sprained my wrist/ankle. My hand/foot is badly swollen.

· I think I’ve pulled a muscle in my leg/arm.

· I’ve had scarlet fever, mumps, the measles.

· Is it something serious? Is this a common problem at my age?

· When will the tests results come in? Are you going to run more tests?

· Do I have to be operated on? Will I need surgery?

· How long do I have to stay in hospital?

· I hope there won’t be any complications.

· Could you prescribe some medicine for me?

· How often should I take this medicine?

· Shall I come back next week if I don’t get better?

At the dentist’s

· I’ve got a pain in my back teeth and my gum is bleeding.

· I’ve lost a filling. My denture’s broken.

· Does the tooth have to be extracted or can you replace the filling?

At the chemist’s

· Would you make up this prescription for me?

· Shake well before use. Not to be taken orally.

· Can I get a packet of vitamin tablets?



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