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The country is a federative republic which consists of 50 states and District of Columbia, where Washington, D.C., the capital of the country, is situated. The head of the country is the President, who is elected every four years. Every state has its own Constitution and the system of power.

The supreme legislative organ is the Congress of the US. The members of the Congress are called congressmen. The Congress consists of two chambers — the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House of Representatives is the lower chamber, the representatives are elected pro­portionally to the population of the USA. The Senate is the higher chamber; two senators are elected from each of the USA states notwithstanding the size of population in the state.

The main political parties are the Republicans (their symbol is Elephant) and the Democrats (their symbol is Donkey).

The main law of the USA is the Constitution. It was created and adopted in Philadelphia in 1787. The main goals of the Constitution were to create a stable federative state and to guarantee the right to have private property. But other rights and freedoms of the citizens were not guaran­teed by the Constitution. So in 1789 there appeared the necessity of in­cluding more articles which would declare and guarantee political and personal rights of the US citizens. The first ten items — called Amend­ments — were called the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights on the one hand is now a part of the US Constitution, that's why it is rather difficult to
write a Bill of Rights for an imaginary state. The US Bill of Rights is an addition to the existing Constitution and is formed of some Amendments to it. So any Bill of Rights should be built on the Constitution. On the other hand, the US Bill of Right is the only part of the US Constitution which guarantees the main rights and freedoms of the citizens. Russia doesn't need any Bill of Rights, since all the rights and freedoms are guaran­teed by the Russian Constitution.

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