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A. Choose the word or phrase that most appropriately completes the sentence.  Просмотрен 188




A. Choose the word or phrase that most appropriately completes the sentence.


1.Telecommunications specialists herald the Internet as one of the greatest technological developments of all
times because it is the fastest way to information.

a. dispel b. disseminate c. disperse d. dissolve

2. Not having my glasses, I intently at the small print, which I knew I had to read carefully
before signing the contract.

a. glared b. glanced c. glimpsed d. peered

3. So anxious was I about my exam results that I spent the whole night staring at the of
the clock waiting for daybreak.

a. neck b. foot c. head d. hands

4. The man who escaped with only minor injuries from the building that collapsed during the earthquake is being
at Lawrance Hospital in Bronxville.

a. healed b. cured c. treated d. remedied

5. My doctor said that I had with a stomach bug and that the severe abdominal pain and
nausea would subside after about seven days.

a. come down b. come round c. brought up d. went off

6. Before entering the water the diver twice in the air with such grace and precision that
all seven judges gave him a high score.

a. wobbled b. sauntered c. somersaulted d. strutted

7. The Constitution in a clear and unambiguous manner the civil and political rights of all
citizens of the country.

a. codifies b. fortifies c. testifies d. classifies

8. My parents told me that I would have to paddle my own if I wished to pursue a career
in showbiz.

a. ship b. boat c. raft d. canoe

9. Mark has been in antique and vintage jewellery for the last five years, and I must admit
that he’s done pretty well for himself.

a. dealing b. importing c. exporting d. trading

10. It is our unquenchable thirst for knowledge and our curiosity for the unknown that have led to us to
breakthroughs that have altered the course of history.

a. taking b. making c. having d. producing

11. The stringent laws regulating organ donation that were than ten years ago are to
undergo modification to increase the availability of organs for transplantation.

a. performed b. activated c. proceeded d. enacted

12. Never have I met a more person than Gary. He never thinks about the consequences
of his actions; he just acts on the spur of the moment.

a. inquisitive b. impulsive c. obstinate d. intolerant

13. Before becoming a junior executive, I attended a course which provided crucial instruction on how best to
conflict situations.

a. handle b. manipulate c. operate d. cope

14. Sally needs to be taken down a or two because she’s become very conceited ever
since she won that Young Designer’s Award.

a. stride b. line c. peg d. size

15. Mohandas Gandhi strongly the use of violence and brute force in one’s quest for
liberty, instead he advocated nonviolent resistance.

a. doomed b. convicted c. sentenced d. condemned


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