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Rewrite the short summary using clauses. Retell the story.  Просмотрен 280


Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride is a cartoon story. It is about love and death.

This is Van Dort family. They are fishers. They are very rich. They want to be aristocrats.

Mr. And Mrs. Van Dort have a son. His name is Victor. He is a young and awkward man.

Victor has a fiancée. Her name is Victoria Everglott. Her family is aristocratic but poor.

Victoria’s parents want her wedding with Victor Dan Dort. He has money.

When Van Dorts come to the Everglott house, for the first time Victor sees Victoria. He falls in love with her.

She falls in love with Victor. She wants to marry Victor now.

At the rehearsal of the wedding Victor has problems with the vow. He tells it to Victoria in front of Altar.

Because of his awkwardness Victor ruins the rehearsal of the wedding. The wedding is tomorrow.

In the forest Victor tries to say the vow. The vow is for Victoria

He rehearses and puts his wedding ring on a branch of a tree. The branch of a tree is a hand of a dead young lady. Her name is Emily.

Emily takes Victor to the world of the dead. She thinks/ he is her husband.

She tells her story. From the story Victor understands/ Emily is a victim of a maniac. The maniac wants only money.

Victor wants to run away from Emily. She thinks/ Victor is her husband and love.

Then Victor understands/ his situation is bad.

He lies to Emily/ he wants to introduce her to his family.

Emily is happy about the idea. She takes Victor to the Elder Guknecht. He sends Victor and Emily to the world of alive.

Victor asks Emily to wait. He runs to Victoria. Victoria is happy to see Victor.

Victor tells Victoria/ he is happy to marry her. But he is married with Emily. Emily appears in Victoria’s room and takes Victor back.

Victor explains Emily the situation. Emily is very upset.

Meanwhile Victoria’s parents are not happy with Victoria’s wedding with Victor. They find another candidate for Victoria. He is Lord Barkis. He is a charismatic but strange man.

Victoria is scared. She runs to the church.

She wants to talk to the Pastor about Victor. The Pastor is a mean man. He takes Victoria home.

The Van Dort family driver takes the family home. On the way he has an accident and dies.

The driver is in the world of dead. There he meets Victor. He tells Victor about Victoria’s wedding. That makes Victor angry.

Meanwhile Elder Guknecht tells Emily/ her marriage is not real because she is dead and Victor is alive and the only way to be together is to marry in the world of alive and drink poison for Victor. Viktor agrees.

Meanwhile Victoria is now the wife of Lord Barkis. They celebrate the wedding. Then the dead appear and go to the church.

Victor tells his vow to Emily perfectly and Emily sees Victoria. She doesn’t say her vow. She wants Victor and Victoria together.

Then appears Lord Barkis. He is still the husband of Victoria. Emily recognizes Lord Barkis. He is her murderer.

Victor fights with Lord Barkis. Lord Barkis then accidently drinks the poison and dies.

Emily is now free. She wishes Victor and Victoria happiness and disappears. Victor and Victoria are now free too



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